Published on january 11, 2016

Meet Our Top 2016 Resolution: The Shop Drop Challenge

written by Team thredUP

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Blogger-we-love Mommy Greenest (a.ka. Rachel Sarnoff) is kicking off her annual Shop Drop Challenge. What’s that, you ask? It’s a month-long commitment to avoid buying new clothes (like-new, consignment, and vintage are OK).

When Rachel found out that the average American woman spends $60 on clothing a month and trashes six pounds of textile waste a month, she knew she had to do something. Think about it: if all of America’s 160 million women took the #ShopDrop2016 pledge, we’d keep 6,000 pounds of waste out of our landfills.


Here at thredUP HQ, a lot of us are joining the challenge, too. And for those who don’t work here? Just by signing up and participating, you’ll be entered to win $250 to shop thredUP! 

For the extra keen among us, ultra-inspirational Garance Doré recently announced she is swearing off new clothes for the entirety of the year! 

For more stats and Rachel’s musings on Shop Drop, head to her blog to sign up!