Published on september 15, 2017

Inside Whitney Port’s Closet: Shop Her Coveted Looks and Support Charity

written by Team thredUP


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek into your favorite celebrity’s closet? We do! Now imagine you can shop all their most memorable pieces. Dreamy, right? Welcome to Shop Her Closet, where we partner with stylish women to sell their clothes for good.

You might remember Whitney Port from the ’00s cult-favorite TV show The Hills (duh, of course you do), but you might not know that she is an amazing advocate for new moms. She’s been chronicling her experience on YouTube with a new series called I Love My Baby But...It’s an honest, refreshing look at the ups-and-downs that accompany first-time motherhood.

Whitney has been vocal about celebrating her new shape and lifestyle, and we’re beyond thrilled to partner with her to sell some of her pre-pregnancy items (i.e. super cute, red-carpet worthy looks!) to support an important cause. 100% of the proceeds from Whitney’s sale will benefit Every Mother Counts, a charity dedicated to helping women around the world access essential maternity care.


whitney-productOnly-kimono.jpgHear what Whitney has to say about the pressure that some new moms feel and why she’s excited to be supporting Every Mother Counts

“Some people have been asking me what I’m doing to drop the baby weight. And I’m thinking, “Lay off people, I just made a human!”  Honestly, I’m feeling more confident than ever, and I’m just rejecting the idea that I have to bounce back to a certain size.

I’m selling some of my pre-pregnancy clothes to make room in my closet for things that fit my changing body and lifestyle, as well as selling some super cute clothes that I wore throughout my pregnancy that aren’t even maternity. 

Becoming a mom has made me more aware of how fortunate I am to be able to care for myself and Sonny, but there are so many women who don’t have the same support. I’m happy that my clothes can do some good for mothers around the world.”


Don’t wait a second longer, shop her closet now! You’ll find floral dresses, luxe sweaters, leather pants, just-right jackets, and so much more.

This is the second installation of thredUP’s Shop Her Closet series, where notable women sell their clothes for good. Tell us in the comments who’s closet you’d like to raid next!

P.S. Sold out items? Can’t find your size? Just wanna do some good? Click here to donate directly to Every Mother Counts.