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Sketch 4 School

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What will your child be when they grow up?

We asked our community to send us their children’s drawings of what they want to be when they grow up, and we were overwhelmed with all of the beautiful and inspiring entries!

Our winner, Mya Moore, age 6, wants to be a teacher when she grows up! Mya received a $500 thredUP shopping spree, and her school, Brooks Elementary, received a $1,000 donation in her name.

Mya Moore from Brooks Elementary

Here’s a sampling of more entries we received. A webpage showcasing all of the entries will be live soon!

Vet Rori, 7

Sonya Bennion, 5

Madison Soucey age 11

-dog- she knows she can't be one, but we said to draw what she wants to be

Thomas Lownes 7, Astronomer