Published on march 14, 2017

Spring Break Inspired Outfit Ideas (That Work For Any Vacation)

written by Team thredUP

Spring (break) has sprung! After a long few months of winter doldrums, you’re probably ready for a relaxing retreat. If you already know where you’re going for spring break, then the logical next thing to tackle is what to pack and wear. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the mountains, or the city, this guide will give you plenty of ideas for your spring break packing list.

Airplane Outfit

If you’re traveling to your spring break destination by airplane, you’ll want a comfortable yet ready-to-hit-the-town outfit. Start your ensemble with a soft T-shirt and pair with simple black leggings to give you free range of motion as you squeeze into those tiny airline seats. If you’re flying from a cold climate to a warm one, consider throwing on a cardigan that’ll keep you warm when you’re leaving but that you can easily slip off when you arrive. Transitional-wear, if you will.

Taking off shoes during the airport security inspection is a serious pain in the booty, as we all know. Wearing a simple slide-on-slide off pair of flats or mules means you won’t have any issues getting through security.

Top it all off with a large tote bag to hold your in-flight essentials, that’s small enough to store under the seat or in the overhead bin.

@morganlschadegg knows flats are always the answer.

At the Beach

The beach is probably the most popular spot for spring break vacation (for good reason – we’re wishing we were there right. now.).  If you plan on spending the majority of your time on the sand or at the pool, a cute bikini or one-piece is a must. A swimwear cover-up is handy to slip on as you’re walking to and from the water, and a pair of flip-flops or other sandals are perfect for the beach. Don’t forget a cute beach towel to stretch out on,  a wide-brim hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Even though you’ll be spending a lot of time in your swimsuit, you’ll also want a fun outfit you can wear when you’re not at the beach. Pack a pair of cutoffs and a light and loose top. If you’re feeling playful, pick out a pair of shorts—try a tropical print or some Lilly Pulitzers, you are on vacay!—and pair with a bright, solid color tank.

Try a halter for the beach, like @letsimplicityring‘s secondhand find.

Hitting the Slopes

If you’re hitting the slopes instead of hitting the beach, your spring break clothes will be more along the lines of cableknit sweaters and skinny jeans. Perfect for cuddling up next to the fireplace! When you have to head outside, a parka and boots will be your best friend.

The best accessories to round out your spring break ski slope outfits include, but are certainly not limited to: a scarf, hat, and gloves. The sun is still a big factor on the slopes because it shines down from above and reflects off the white snow, so again, you’re going to need plenty of sunscreen!

Heading to the City

If you plan on spending your spring break exploring a city, you’ll be needing some relaxed-yet-sophisticated outfits. If the city you’re visiting will still be experiencing some of that unpredictable spring weather, cropped pants are definitely the way to go to help regulate your temperature. Finish your outfit with a casual top and layering piece – a cardi or jean jacket should do the trick – for when it gets chilly.

Since you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking during your city excursion, comfy shoes are a must! We’re partial to sneaks or flats. Then accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Pick a cloche hat or flat cap to add a punch of style to your outfits, and don’t forget a stylish pair of sunglasses. Finally, a shoulder bag is the perfect purse to hold everything you need during your trip without feeling too big and bulky.

@sjcollie is all about accessorizing, and we’re loving it.

Exploring the Great Outdoors

When your spring break plans include heading to one of our beautiful national or state parks to go camping, you’re probably more concerned about function over fashion. But you can still look great with practical spring break essentials for exploring the great outdoors.

Sturdy hiking boots are a must, and soft cotton socks will help your feet stay warm and comfortable. Make sure you pack a pair of worn-in jeans that you don’t mind getting dirty for those long hikes, and bring a pair of leggings for when you’re simply relaxing around the campfire. A classic cotton T-shirt is the perfect top, and a sweatshirt is ideal for layering.

A backpack is crucial for holding everything you need during your trip and on your hikes. A waterproof jacket will help you stay dry if the weather doesn’t cooperate, and we suggest a printed scarf and/or hat to spruce up your outdoorsy outfits. If you need a casual way to keep your hair out of your face and shade your skin from the sun, grab a baseball cap and call it a day!

A Home Staycation

Some of the best spring break getaways are actually non-getaways. Also known as “staying at home on the couch and catching up on your favorite television shows.” If your plans include a staycation, you need comfortable and easygoing spring break outfits. Since relaxing is your top priority (we feel you), break out the yoga pants or sweatpants. If the weather is starting to warm up, consider a T-shirt or tank top. Otherwise, a sweater will help you stay warm. Don’t forget a soft pair of socks to keep your feet comfy!

@beautifullyelegantblog looks ready for the most comfy and relaxing staycation.

Checking Out A Music Festival

Cutoff shorts and a lightweight and breezy top are perfect if you want to do some serious dancing. Or consider a simple romper that will keep you cool and comfortable all day long. For a slightly more polished look, go for a maxi or high-low dress. Simple accessories like a necklace, earrings, and bracelet are all you need to pull any of these looks together.

While you’ll want to keep your essentials with you at all times, you’ll also want to have your hands free while you’re enjoying the shows. This makes the crossbody bag the perfect accessory for the festival. You’ll be spending plenty of time on your feet, so make sure you bring comfortable shoes like sandals or flats.

Taking a Road Trip

Taking a road trip with a few besties means no jeans, which are a bit too constricting and hard to move in for hours in the car. Activewear pants or leggings are probably the move, instead. An oversized button-up or relaxed T-shirt can help complete your outfit.

Flats are the ideal shoes for long road trips because you can easily slide them on and off between rest stops. A satchel will hold all your important items without taking up precious room in the car, or opt for a backpack to effortlessly hold all of your things Definitely don’t forget a pair of sunglasses to help keep the sun out of your eyes while you’re on the road.

This backpack that @bygillianclaire snagged is the perfect road trip vessel.

Alternative Spring Break

This encapsulates pretty much anything else. Whether you’re volunteering, spending time with family, or traveling abroad, packing the right clothes is a crucial part of the experience! For any trip or event, stick a jacket, a pair of sunnies, and some slip-on sneaks in your suitcase. Don’t forget pajamas, too!

Tell us, what are your packing essentials for Spring Break? Bon voyage!