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Employee Spotlight: Hey Guys, Get Insider Shopping Tips from Growth Marketing Duo Andrew & Adam!

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Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. As a resale store that primarily sells women’s clothing and accessories, we don’t get a lot of opportunities to highlight the men of thredUP! Meet Andrew and Adam and find out how they shop thredUP for their SOs and (surprise!) themselves. 

Andrew, Senior Growth Manager


What do you do at thredUP? 

I make sure customers keep thredUP top of mind through paid ads on our social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and up-and-coming channels! I’m basically like thredUP’s cheerleader; reminding everyone about all the amazing deals you can get, the great value on all your favorite brands, and why shopping secondhand first is better for your wallet and the planet. Friendly PSA, if you see our ads in the wild, every like, comment, and share helps.

The last thing I work on is site experience. Whether it’s your first visit or your 100th visit we want to create the best experience possible I’m always searching for the best way to improve our site feel free to comment with your suggestions!

Do you shop secondhand?

I love thrifting! I like to pop into thrift stores on the weekend, it’s an amazing opportunity to develop a sense of style that’s uniquely my own. My main blocker has always been ease of experience so I’m pretty jealous of how simple our site is, even though we have over 35,000 brands and styles! Even then, I’ve still managed to find some amazing ways to update my closet via thredUP.

I also found that thredUP is a great place to buy unisex accessories. I have a backpack and weekender bag from Herschel that were in perfect condition and work great for me! Finally, I’ve been able to shop for my friends on thredUP and simultaneously introduce them to thrift. Scoring a designer handbag for 75% off is kind of a big deal.

I’ve ordered a Men’s Rescue box before and got a bunch of brands I already wear! Including Nike, Ralph Lauren, and I even snagged a vintage Patagonia jacket I wear all the time!

Would you buy a Men’s Rescue Box again?

Yes, Rescues is seriously a hidden gem, and more guys need to know about it! Who doesn’t love a mystery! I was so surprised and happy with the items I received. It was a great mix of jackets, t-shirts, and even a few button-ups! Because it’s mixed sizes I shared the items that didn’t fit me with my friends and overall we were very pleased! Everything I got was like-new, a few things weren’t quite my style but it was an amazing bargain and I would suggest it to everyone.

What’s one thing you do (besides thrifting) to live a more sustainable life?

I air-dry as many items as I can instead of using a traditional dryer. I’m pretty minimalistic in terms of electricity usage. If I’m not in the room, or even if I’m in it and I don’t need light, I don’t have any of them turned on. I often re-wear clothing multiple times before washing. If you didn’t sweat in it it can stand multiple wears and that will also help with the longevity of your pieces. The more you wash it the more wear and tear it gets! (For more clothing care tips on how to wash your clothes AND be eco-friendly, read on here!) I also walk and bike as much as possible, you’d be surprised how far you can go without a car! Plus, I live in San Francisco so there’s also plenty of public transportation options to take that additional car off the road.

As an insider, what’s your top tip for shopping secondhand (and thredUP).

Download the app and save searches! It’s great to get those emails telling me when there are new Herschel bags or Ray-Ban sunglasses (my saved searches) but I’m not always on my email and it’s easy to miss those items before another savvy shopper picks them up. With the app, I’ll get a push notification as soon as new items are added so I can snag it straight away.

Adam, Growth Marketer

Image from iOS (37).jpg

What do you do at thredUP?

I’m in charge of getting more customers to install our mobile app through our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest marketing efforts. It’s exciting getting to introduce people to a more sustainable and affordable way to upgrade their wardrobe!

Have you dabbled in secondhand before joining thredUP?
You bet! My experiences at thrift shops and consignment stores inspired my move to thredUP. There are a few local thrift shops where I’m always on the hunt for new jackets and sweaters, especially in the Bay Area where it’s notoriously chilly. And each year I go through my closet and donate any clothes that I haven’t worn in a few months.

What do you find most surprising about thredUP?
I was most impressed with the scale of the operations in the distribution centers. It seems impossible to receive and process tens of thousands of items of clothing each day! Think your favorite thrift store but times a hundred, and there’s new stuff EVERY DAY.

Do you shop for your wife on thredUP? 
I don’t unfortunately (but it would save me a lot of money)! Sometimes I find myself doing a little window shopping, which is par for the course if you work at thredUP, and I’d find stuff that I think she’d like. Her vibe is ‘urban chic’ – she loves a cool leather jacket, distinctly colorful handbag, and trendy wedges.

For any significant others shopping for their girlfriends out there, here’s a super handy tip: filter by her favorite brands (Madewell, Free People, and Coach are ALWAYS a win!), her size and favorite category then save the search. You’ll get alerts about the latest arrivals that match what she likes! It’s definitely a bit daunting for men to shop for the women in their lives, but narrowing it down by specific brands, categories, and size makes the whole process much easier.

What’s your top tip for shopping secondhand at thredUP? Tell us in the comments below!