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Employee Spotlight: Guess Product Manager Emma’s Best thredUP Hack for Thrifted Gems

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Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Meet Emma, our Senior Product Manager. Read on for her favorite part about working at thredUP and all the ways she thinks secondhandfirst. 


Tell us what you do at thredUP.
I’m a Senior Product Manager over the Supply and Discovery sides of thredUP. I work to make sure cleaning out your closet is easy and convenient. On the Discovery side, I work to build out site improvements and new features that make it easier to find an item you’ll love.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
Our customers! They are so passionate and I love learning more about them. It is so important for me to have a deep understanding of what our customers want to ensure we’re making the right improvements to Supply and Discovery parts of thredUP.

What’s your fave thredUP feature?
Saved Searches! This feature makes it so easy for me to keep an eye on my favorite brands and styles.

Name your top 3 favorite brands.
Club Monaco, Madewell, and Girlfriend Collective. Girlfriend Collective is my favorite brand for eco-friendly leggings but they’re super rare on thredUP so make sure you save your search!

Why do you think secondhand first?
I do it for our planet! There is so much clothing already out there—why do I need to buy new when I can buy used? It’s more eco AND wallet friendly! Plus it’s so much fun! There are few things that compare to the rush I get seeing a one-of-a-kind, just-my-style item in my Saved Searches.


What percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted?
About 60% and growing!

What’s your top secret tip for cleaning out your closet?
I’m a big fan of the KonMari method with a thredUP twist. If an item doesn’t bring you joy, put it in a clean out bag!

Share your best life hack.
Meditate daily!

Share your best thrifty living tip.
It might sound counterintuitive at first, but I’m a big believer that it’s worth buying fewer, better things. From clothing to kitchen appliances to furniture—it’s better to invest in items that will last 10+ years than buying cheaper items you’ll have to replace every year.

What are the ways that you stay sustainable?
I eat a plant-based diet, recycle and compost religiously, and think secondhand first when it comes to my closet and home furnishings.


What are you looking forward to wearing most for fall?
Chunky knit sweaters!

Name the one thing you can’t live without.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Wool and the Gang knitting kits!

Feeling inspired? Us too. Tell us all the ways you think #secondhandfirst in the comments below!