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Employee Spotlight: Find Out Product Manager Jenn’s Secrets to Living Sustainably

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Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Jenn, our go-getting Product Manager, is here to talk about everything from podcasts to how she brings sustainability to every pillar of her life!


What do you do at thredUP?

I’m a Product Manager! I help to make sure cleaning out your closet is easy and fun.

What do you love most about working here?
That I get to shop for clothes on thredUP and call it “customer research.” Shh, don’t tell my manager :). And speaking of my manager, that’s the other thing I love — my team! We have incredible people at thredUP.

Why do you think secondhand first?
Shopping secondhand first is great for my wallet and even better for the planet. Plus, everything is one-of-a-kind. thredUP and vintage stores really let me express my personal style because I know no one else has my clothes!

When did you first learn about sustainable fashion?
For me, it was with the rise of brands like Everlane, Reformation and Cuyana in response to the rise of fast fashion. I never really thought about how much damage my cheaper clothing does until those companies made it part of their brand image and story.

How do you bring sustainability into your life?
First, there are the small day-to-day things. I am a diligent recycler and composter, I very rarely eat red meat, and I always bring my own bags when I go grocery shopping. Second, there’s where I spend my time. I’m so proud that I spend a lot of my time working for a company whose core business is focused on cleaning up the world’s second largest polluter (fashion!). Third, there’s where I spend my money. I’m super conscious about the clothing I buy and brands I support. I’ll spend a bit more if I know the brand has great sustainability practices or uses recycled materials.

Speaking of sustainable fashion, what percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted?
I’d say about 40%, and getting closer to 50% every day. I like to joke that thredUP basically pays me in clothes :).


If we toured your closet, what are the top 3 brands we would find?
Reformation, ASTR, Anthropologie!

What styles are you looking forward to wearing most for fall/winter?
For me, fall and winter are all about the fun materials — velvet, sequins, pleather! And I cannot tell you how happy I am that leopard print is officially back.

What’s your favorite way to shop thredUP?
I’m obsessed with the feature “More From This Seller.” I find something I like, then I scroll to the bottom of the page and see what else that seller has sent in! Chances are we’re the same size and have similar tastes in styles. It’s a goldmine.

Any tips for cleaning out your closet?
I’m all about the one-in-one-out mentality. If I buy something new, I think about what I’m going to send into thredUP to justify my purchase. To hold myself accountable, I keep a thredUP bag at the bottom of my closet. When I hang up my new item, I put an old item in the bag! Limited closet space in my San Francisco apartment certainly helps keep me accountable.

What was the best deal you scored on thredUP?
One of my first thredUP purchases was a top from Opening Ceremony (pictured here!). I love their look, but it’s a bit out of my normal price range. On thredUP I paid $34.99. I seriously get compliments every time I wear it. There is nothing better than telling people it’s Opening Ceremony but purchased on thredUP. I feel like a thrifty genius!


Share your best life hack.
I don’t know if this qualifies as a life hack, but podcasts! I listen to the news or an interesting podcast while I get ready for work in the morning and while I commute. I feel very efficiently informed.

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