Published on april 21, 2021

No Dresses?! Find out What This thredUP Employee is Excited to Wear For Spring

written by Team thredUP

Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees that give us a peek into their job and so much more! Meet Kaila, one of our writers on the Integrated Marketing team, who lives and breathes thrifting. Read on to find out Kaila’s favorite thredUP feature, what she wore on her 25th, how she meditates and loads more!


Tell us what you do at thredUP.

I am a copywriter on the Integrated Marketing team. I write copy for blog posts, social media, emails, ads, campaigns and anywhere we need a splash more thredUP voice.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

The best part of my job is watching a project go from conception to completion. When ideas come to life in a way that you never imagined it’s really exciting and only gets me more excited for whatever projects come up next! 

What’s your fave thredUP feature?

My favorite thredUP feature is saved searches! I wish all shopping sites had it to be honest. It creates an effortless shopping experience and allows me to keep up when new items of my fave brands hit the site (AND in my size). It also fuels my competitive spirit and gives me a sense of urgency when it comes to snagging my faves. 


Name your top 3 favorite brands.

My top 3 favorite brands right now are Nanushka, Sandro, and Bershka

Why do you think secondhand first?

I think secondhand first because it’s one of the easiest (and super fun) ways to do right by the planet! The more I educated myself on the state of the earth and the effects of consumption as a whole I was sort of shocked into doing better little by little. Expanding my intentionality when it comes to my purchasing power makes me feel better as a consumer and it was the catalyst for making my life eco-friendly in so many more ways. 

What percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted?

I’ve been shopping secondhand for about a decade, so I would say nearly half my wardrobe is thrifted and counting. 


What was your most memorable thrifty find?

One morning, in between meetings, I saw the most perfect Nanushka dress on thredUP and decided to favorite and go back to it when I had more time. It was a tan and orange geometric print Nanushka maxi dress with a plunging neckline and button closures at the center front. You can imagine my chagrin as I watched the words “In someone’s cart” pop up on the screen after waiting about an hour to attack. Waves of regret and disappointment came crashing down immediately and I’m pretty sure I screamed loud enough for my mom to hear me from downstairs. I got over it (eventually) and when I went back on the app that evening I saw  miraculously that the dress was back! I snatched her up with a quickness and I ended up wearing it for my 25th birthday. 

What’s your top secret tip for cleaning out your closet?

My top secret tip for cleaning out my closet is to let go anything that I haven’t thought about or touched in over 3 months. Before I set that boundary for myself I was holding on to decade old items for literally no reason at all. Now my closet stays fresh and always has room for more!


Share your best thrifty living tip.

My best thrifty living tip is to go thrifting right after drop off rush hour, so you can shop items before they are picked over! You can also find out the restock times of your local thrift store for the same shopping experience. Also going into it having an idea of what I am looking for makes me feel less overwhelmed when scouring through tons of items.  

What are the ways that you stay sustainable?

I stay sustainable by considering the environment in every action that I take. That means thrifting, monitoring my waste production, using recycled products and reusing any and everything that I can.

What are you looking forward to wearing most for spring?

I think a typical answer for this would be dresses or skirts but I find a way to wear those all year round! This spring I’m excited to wear platforms, sandals and just all open-toed shoes again. These little piggies are ready to make their debut.


Name the one thing you can’t live without.

One thing that I can’t live without these days is meditation! I always did it here and there but ever since transitioning to daily meditation I have had an easier time remaining in the present, which has become increasingly important as I take on more responsibilities in life aka major adulting vibes. I’m still pretty new to this journey but after graduating from guided meditations, I transitioned to meditating using frequencies that I find on YouTube. It’s definitely been a game changer and I would in fact recommend it to a friend.