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Employee Spotlight: Merchandiser Kesha Shares Her Best Tips to Living #Secondhandfirst

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Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Meet Kesha, our rockstar Merchandiser at our Pennsylvania distribution center! Read all about her best vintage finds, and her go-to style she’s loving this summer.


Tell us what you do at thredUP.

I am the Merchandiser at our warehouse based in Pennsylvania. I supervise a team of Assistant Merchandisers. We ensure accurate pricing for premium brands as well as authenticate designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes! I’m also responsible for conducting brand training, correcting pricing, and engaging with customers.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of my job is having the capability to provide my team with the skills they need to further their career (in whatever field that may be).

What’s your fave thredUP feature?

I love the favorites feature. I am constantly hearting items that I see while searching our site.

Name your top 3 favorite brands.

I am not a brand-driven person. I wear a lot of vintage clothing that are from brands that aren’t popular or the labels have been removed. If I had to choose the brands that most match my aesthetic, it would be Free People, Stella McCartney, and Zara (for their suits).

Why do you think secondhand first?

There are 3 main reasons why I think secondhand first. 1. I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money with companies that do not value their workers or groups of people. 2. Buying secondhand reduces my carbon footprint and contributes to less landfill waste. 3. I love expressing my creativity in the way that I dress. The best way to do that is to buy secondhand clothing.


What percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted?

Before Covid-19, my closet was at least 99% thrifted, but I’ve been watching too many fashion hauls on YouTube. My closet is around 97% thrifted now. I regret most of my Covid-related non-secondhand purchases, haha!

What was your most memorable thrifty find?

I bought a men’s 1940’s three piece suit from one of my favorite vintage/secondhand shops in Brooklyn, NY a couple of years ago. I used this suit to style a photoshoot that was later featured in a magazine!

What’s your top secret tip for cleaning out your closet?

I usually donate/sell/give away clothes that I haven’t worn in at least a year or that no longer fit my style. I hardly ever donate/sell/give away vintage pieces because they are one of a kind and the probability of regretting that choice is high. 

Share your best life hack.

Take one day out the week to do self-care. For me, self-care is thrifting or staying in and binging a show while doing skin care.

Share your best thrifty living tip.

Try to find trends secondhand first, or shop in your own closet or family member’s/friend’s closets first. If that doesn’t work, go thrifting!

What are the ways that you stay sustainable?

I buy almost everything secondhand which include clothing and home decor/furniture. I rework and deconstruct a lot of my clothing to give it a different feel. I repair a lot of clothing that I love (if I can). 

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What are you looking forward to wearing most for summer?

I am on a more feminine vibe for summer. I recently purchased a lot of vintage and flowy dresses in bright colors and floral patterns. 

Name the one thing you can’t live without.

I cannot live without Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula lotion. I’ve used this lotion for my skin care since age 15!

What are you currently obsessed with?

I am currently obsessed with seeing so many people around the world waking up to the injustices that have been happening to the black community for hundreds of years. I’m also loving how people are holding corporations accountable for mistreatment and racism.