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Employee Spotlight: Marketing Interns Sharon, Emily, Rachel, & Laurel Talk Thrift!

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Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Sharon, Emily, Rachel, and Laurel are our brand interns and we’re so happy to have them on board creating amazing content for thredUP! Today, they’re sharing everything from what they want to learn at thredUP to super secret hacks for keeping barbeque smells out of clothes.

Sharon, Design Intern

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Tell us where you go to school and what you do at thredUP.
I’m a rising senior at UC Berkeley and double majoring in art practice and media studies! I’m the design intern and I have the awesome opportunity to work on several projects with the creative team including illustrations, layouts, and photography assets as well as taking part in contributing to the creative vision for our brand.

If you thrift, what was your most memorable thrifty find?
I love everything that I have thrifted but my best thrift finds are a comfy winter jacket from Vince and a pair of cute suede mules I found on thredUP! I’m addicted to shopping brands like Oak + Fort, Madewell, and Cotton On, so working at thredUP is dangerous.

Share your best life hack.

If you’ve ever had Korean BBQ, you know the unbearable feeling of your clothes smelling like grilled meat. If you need to get rid of the smell fast, a quick hack is to put your clothes in a Ziploc bag and leave it in the freezer overnight. The smell is nearly if not completely gone in the morning and your clothes are ready to wear again!

Also if you have a hard time initiating conversations like me, bring snacks. Snacks are always a great conversation starter.

Name the one thing you can’t live without.

As cliche as it sounds, I definitely couldn’t get through life without my friends and family. They are so incredibly supportive of everything I do and I know that I can always fall back on them if life gets tough.

What are you currently obsessed with (could be a TV show, anything!)?
Dogs, I love all dogs and all dog-related things. My favorite dogs are dachshunds and Samoyeds. Also, I am incredibly obsessed with the reality TV show, Terrace House, on Netflix.


Emily, Brand Marketing Intern


Tell us where you go to school and what you do at thredUP.

I am majoring in Communication, with a minor in Writing Media Studies and an emphasis in Brand Communications at Clemson University. I’m joining the Brand Creative team as the Brand Marketing intern. I basically help coordinate creative and messaging for all our different channels.

Name your top 3 favorite brands.
Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, American Apparel.

Share your best life hack.
For my girls out there with long, tangly hair, buy a Wet Brush. They are a game changer!

Share your best thrifty living tip.
Extend the lifespan of your clothes by taking care of them! I have had some of my favorite pieces since freshman year of high school.

What are you looking forward to wearing most for summer?
I am looking forward to buying into the neon trend. I am so over the neutral, monochromatic look, and I am ready for some color.

What are you currently obsessed with?
All of us interns are obsessed with The Bachelorette! We watch every Monday and then recap on our thoughts. It’s more fun watching together!

Rachel Wong, Copywriting Intern


Tell us where you go to school and what you do at thredUP.
I go to Santa Clara University. I am a double-major in English and Women’s and Gender Studies, and I am a Philosophy minor. I am the copywriting intern on the creative team! I pretty much write content for our social media, thrEDIT posts, facebook, and emails.

What is something you want to learn the most at your internship at thredUP
I really want to learn how we can educate more people on the importance of thrifting. I feel like it slowly becoming trendier to thrift, but people still don’t understand why it’s so important and how much it can help the environment.

Why do you think secondhand first? 
I think secondhand first because I love getting the brands I like at an affordable price. I’ve always loved Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People but can’t really justify the price tag, so I have been thrifting ever since high school. Right now, 40% of my wardrobe is thrifted! It’s such a great way to get the clothing you want while also saving the planet.

If you thrift, what was your most memorable thrifty find?
One of my most memorable thrifty finds was when I got one of my favorite dresses from Black and Brown in San Jose! It’s a vintage black dress with blue, beaded fringe that I wore for my birthday this past year. I absolutely love it and it only cost $13!

What’s your top secret tip to cleaning out your closet?
My top secret tip for cleaning out my closet is asking myself if I REALLY need something. I am definitely an advocate for asking if a clothing item “sparks joy” and I remind myself that if I clean out my closet I am making room for more clothes!

What are you excited about this summer?
I can’t live without music, so I’m looking forward to all of the live music events I’m planning on going to with friends!

Laurel Rosenbaum, Influencer Marketing Intern

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Tell us where you go to school and what you do at thredUP.
I go to Tulane University in New Orleans, LA! I help coordinate all of thredUP’s influencer sponsorship. Social media is becoming more and more present in e-commerce so I love learning about where marketing and fashion resale are headed.

Why do you think secondhand first?
I think secondhand first because I genuinely love thrifting and fashion! I worked at two different high-end consignment stores before coming to thredUP and ever since then I have been hooked! I love being able to find unique pieces from brands that I otherwise couldn’t afford, and it feels good to know that I am doing my part in shopping sustainably

If you thrift, what was your most memorable thrifty find?
The first thing that really got me addicted to thrifting was some black, studded Rag & Bone jeans that I got for less than $30. I love brands like Everlane and Zara so when I see them on thredUP, I definitely can’t help but shop.

Share your best life hack.
I know its old school but I really love using a planner. I feel really organized and on top of it when I have a little book with my life planned out in it

What are the ways that you stay sustainable? Any tips?
Pay attention to the little things that you can do. Living sustainably can require big changes in some cases, but in most, it’s really simple. Pay attention to how you sort your trash, buy a reusable water bottle instead of plastic, or try to use less water. Those are all really simple and once you start its so easy to keep up.

What are you currently obsessed with (could be a TV show, anything!)?
Any of the interviews on Buzzfeed where the person being interviewed also plays with puppies. I really don’t care too much about who is being interviewed, people are just so much more entertaining when they are playing with puppies!