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STAFFER SPOTLIGHT: Why HR Coordinator Mar Shops Thrift

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Welcome to Staffer Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Spanish-born, SF-Based Mar is a People Coordinator here at thredUP. It’s her job to make sure all candidates who interview at thredUP have the best experience possible while here at the HQ-  she’s the first face they see, so making a first impression is the name of her game! She’s been here since October, but fully embraced the secondhand lifestyle five years ago in Spain when a vintage store opened up near her. Needless to say, she has a few tips and tricks on shopping resale up her sleeve. Read on!

P.S. There’s a chance to win $100 to shop hidden somewhere in this blog post! Happy hunting.

1. What is the first thing you ever bought from thredUP?
I’ve always wanted cool and high quality workout clothes but I was not willing to pay a lot of money for clothes I sweat in. Even though I wanted to sweat in something fancy. Does that make sense? Long story short, my first thredUP order was comprised of two shirts, one pair of leggings and a hoodie for less than $50. Nike! New with tags!!

2. What’s the best thing you ever bought on thredUP?
Denim shorts by Levi’s. These shorts retailed for $40 and I got them for $8!

3. What’s your favorite thing about getting a thredUP order?
I love that the whole experience feels like buying new clothes from somewhere fancy, but the prices! The prices are not fancy. When you get that pretty box and see how the clothes are folded and the amazing condition everything is in, it’s hard to believe they are not new.


4. How do you shop on thredUP?
I usually check the new arrivals on my size unless I want something specific. In that case I search specifically for what I want. Some items don’t last even one hour so you gotta be fast!

5. What are your favorite kinds of things to be secondhand?
If I’m buying vintage stuff from the 80s or 90s, I go for mom-fit jeans, denim jackets and blazers because I prefer how these items were cut back then. For current items that I might find at thredUP, I usually shop by brand.

6. What are your favorite brands to buy from thredUP?
Zara and Mango are my first go-to’s because they are affordable and always on trend, so it’s easy. I also love shopping secondhand for Levi’s and Calvin Klein because I wouldn’t buy items from these brands at full price.


7. Why do you think #secondhandfirst?
I think #secondhandfirst because I can get unique pieces for really affordable prizes. It gives me access to a lot of clothes that I could never buy.

8. What is your “save on, splurge on” philosophy?
I save money by walking/taking the bus to work rather than calling a car. When it comes to clothes, I like to splurge on basics because they get the most wear, and need to hold up well. And workout clothes, too!

9. New shoes or fancy dinner out?
I’m a foodie so this question is really hard. Why can’t I have both? Like-new shoes from thredUP and a non-fancy (but still delicious) dinner out. Done.

10. In Spain, what is the general sentiment around secondhand clothes?
In Spain, vintage is really trendy so it’s not hard to find markets where you can find secondhand clothes. And it’s seen as something cool, especially for young people.
 Also, Inditex Group (a multinational clothing company that owns Zara, among others) in Spain is really cheap so a lot of people have the exact same clothes in their closets. You can go for a 20 minute walk and easily see 10 people with the same jacket on. People are excited to buy secondhand and differentiate themselves from the rest of the crew.


11. Any other fun or interesting tidbits you have to add?
I think when you really love what you’re wearing, the way you wear the clothes exudes the kind of confidence that you need to rock whatever it may be that you’re wearing. When people ask me about clothes, the first thing I think about is how someone is wearing the clothes. If they love what they’re wearing, you can just tell.

Leave a comment here with your favorite thredUP find of all time. On April 3rd, 2017, we’ll pick one commenter to win $100 to shop thredUP.