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Step Up Your Game: 5 Chic Ways to Wear Your Sneakers

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Today’s streetwise trends have totally transformed our closets. Love for the street look has skyrocketed so much that we’ve been grounding our stilettos for sneakers! In thredUP’s purge report, we saw a 38% jump in heels sent to thredUP in the past three months, whereas sneaker sales were growing by 46%.

Yep, we’re living in the age of athleisure, and we’re here for it.

From classic hi-tops and skate slip-ons to chunky platforms and knitted sneakers, there are SO many sneakers styles to choose from and so many ways to wear them. To kick your looks into gear, we’ve broken down some chic ways to style up and down sneaker-friendly outfits. You’d be surprised as to how versatile your sneaks can be!

1. Make Them Workout Optional

It goes without saying, the easiest way to style your sneakers is to pair them with athletic wear. You really can’t go wrong with this classic street look.


STYLE TIP: Opt for yoga pants and your favorite slubby tee. Athleisure is all about turning basics into not-so-basics, so let your go-to statement sneakers or black sneakers shine with some super cute leggings from brands like LuLaRoe or Lululemon.

2. Make Your Favorite Jeans Pop

Everybody has at least two pairs of blues in their wardrobe. Update this classic silhouette with a pair of modern kicks, especially white sneakers!


STYLE TIP: The secret to styling jeans is achieving that perfect cuff-to-ankle ratio! Your jean cuff should graze just the top of your sneakers, or leave room for your ankles to show (if you’re wearing low-tops). Avoid covering your kicks (we are SO over that ’90s baggy look) or cuffing too high above the ankle. When in doubt, reach for skinny jeans or a tapered silhouette.

Need tips on how to cuff your jeans? Check out our super easy guide to cuffing.

3. Flirt With A Skirt

We love how sneakers have made their way into feminine looks! You’re ready to get things done and you look good doing it.


STYLE TIP: Sneakers work with any skirt length! You can make your legs look longer by opting for a low-top style, or opt for a more classic look with some high-tops.

We love pairing our Converse sneakers and Vans slip-ons with a sweeping midi skirt. Top your skirts off with a T-shirt and you’ve got an everyday look that’s soft and feminine with just a hint of edge!

4. Dress Them Up

Not satisfied with just pairing your sneakers with skirts? Ground your girly, flowing silhouettes with a slim pair of tennis sneakers or some chunky kicks.


STYLE TIP: Your after-dark outfit just got comfier. Trade your heels in for luxe sneakers, and you’ll find that your bodycon dress still has that edge. Plus you’ll be able to stay on the dance floor for sooo much longer!

5. Step Into Tailored Pants

Yes, you CAN bring sneakers into your business looks. And on the flip side, yes, you CAN bring workwear into your weekend looks. That’s the magic of sneakers, y’all.


STYLE TIP: Just as with jeans, cuffing can make or break your outfit. Opt for cropped silhouettes, or make a big statement in a pair of culottes. For more casual days at the office, a pair of minimal sneakers offer comfort and a modern pop. For weekend looks, tailored pants will give a polished boost that’s softened by sneakers.

Cheers to styling your pieces for every day of the week! Stayed tuned for our Remade clothing line for classic, easy-to-care-for pieces that help you look put-together with any style of sneakers!

Who knew sneakers could be THIS versatile? Every piece in your closet has the potential to be styled up or down by the right pair of sneakers. What’s your favorite pairing? Tell us in the comments below!