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Style Resolutions From The thredUP Team

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At thredUP, we’re proponents of all types of resolutions, but since we spend a good amount of time thinking about personal style and shopping (not surprising, we know), our favorite resolutions are generally of the sartorial variety. This week, we decided to find out what some of our colleagues plans to do – and wear – differently in 2015.

Lauren S.Lauren, Designer 
“My first resolution is to get some more outerwear! I moved to San Francisco from LA, and realized that I don’t have enough outerwear in my wardrobe for the cooler weather in northern California. Secondly, I want to focus on getting staple pieces in a neutral palette that I can easily layer. San Francisco has so many micro climates and I’ve found the best way to dress is to always be prepared with layers.”
10296118_10204184548154811_5721175549453644349_oCameran, Senior Director of Data Science & Analytics
“I’m not sure if this is a ‘style’ resolution per se, but I’ve decided to see more of my clothing items as investments. I don’t want to buy things I can’t sell to thredUP because they don’t wear well. I’m tired of sweaters pilling on the first wear.  So I’m trying to be more cognizant of quality as I purchase items.”
FarrellFarrell, Head of PR
“Dress up a little bit more! Jeans and tees will get you into most restaurants and offices in San Francisco, but it’s fun to put on a dress or skirt with some accessories. I have these in my wardrobe, but don’t take them out nearly enough on the weekdays. Secondly, I’m going to purge what I don’t love (or at least really like). Every item in my closet fits and I wear each piece at least once a year, but recently I find myself opening the doors and feeling “meh” about what’s in front of me! I’ll be filling my thredUP bags a little higher and more frequently this year…”
Kylie, Engineer
“Buy less and buy quality. In my 20’s, I was a pro at managing a life-cycle of ‘fast fashion’.  The downside of that art form is that you’re constantly making last-minute emergency trips to Forever 21 because your closet is overflowing with cheap and cute but ill-fitting frocks you bought because at $21.99, even a single wear is worth it. It’s a resource problem for closet space, budget, and time. thredUP’s actually inspired me to invest in more quality pieces, even when I’m not purchasing from thredUP. Additionally, I want to master the art of the work-to-dinner ensemble. I’m fascinated by the idea of taking a simple, work-appropriate outfit, and making small substitutions or adding little touches to make the outfit ready for dinner or happy hour.  I’m always really impressed with the ladies who can pull this off and make it look effortless!”
 Morgan, Engineer
“First, I want to save, plan, and splurge on nice pieces instead of impulse buying clothing items. Second, I plan to spend more time consciously cultivating my style-uniform. The ultimate goal is to spend less time in the morning figuring out the day’s wardrobe, without sacrificing polish & elegance. This will also help me with my first resolution.”
 Karen, Product Manager
“I’m loving the black and white trend this year, especially when incorporated in unique patterns.  Items in these classic colors pair well and can stay in your closet for a long time. Also, I’m looking for pieces that can be taken from day-to-night, like the tuxedo blazer or a colorful pencil skirt.”
Heidi, Engineer
“I plan to only spend a lot of money if it’s something that I can wear over and over, like coats, shoes and bags. Rule of thumb: if it isn’t something I could wear 4 days in a row then I don’t want to spend a lot on it. I also need to clear out everything I own that isn’t flattering, and generally obsess a little less and just have fun with fashion.”
Angelica, Merchandising Manager
“It’s simple: Less is more. Buy quality over quantity.”
Nina, Pricing Specialist
“This year my style resolution is to seek out amazing pieces from local/independent designers and shop secondhand to build a more unique closet.”
Lauren M
Lauren, Senior Director of Marketing
“My goal is to keep it simple and strive to only keep things in my closet that I absolutely love. And I’d like to be less of a critic when I don’t like what I have on!”
Kelly, Photographer
“My first resolution is quality vs. quantity. I feel bad way too often when purchasing more expensive items when in reality I wear them more often, they fit better and I feel prettier. Second, I want to refine my palette to suit my figure. I’m paying attention to what I actually wear, as opposed to what I think I would like to wear.”