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STYLE TIPS from Harben: One Dress, Endless Possibilities

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As we know, the number one rule to building a great capsule closet is to include items that are super versatile and can be worn and re-worn multiple ways. To give us a real life example, we asked capsule expert Harben Porter for a few style tips. Her pick? The multitasking shift dress.

“I love keeping a shift dress in my summer capsule and then getting creative with ways to transition it into fall,” she says. “If you have a dress that you really love, there’s no reason not to carry it over to the next season.” For this blogger, it’s all about layers. “Think of your dress as the foundation and then add layers on for warmth.”

Wear it with tights…

“A good go-to is to throw on a pair of tights. It’s an effortless way to take that dress into fall.”

Or with jeans.

“I challenge you to take it a step further and wear your dress over skinny jeans. It creates a really fashion-forward look and is pretty on-trend right now. There’s also something really fun about that proportion play.”


Layer a sweater over it.

“I’ll throw on a pullover to warm it up and add different textures to my look. I love bringing in different fabrics and shapes.”


Try it with a button-up.

“It’s so simple, but I love layering a dress over a button-up and then adding a cropped jacket. It’s chic and easy.”

Tell us: Is there one item in your closet you wear all the time?