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4 Winter Coats That Will Make You Love Cold Weather

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Winter layering is hard, y’all. There’s the initial attempt to style cute winter outfits in the beginning, but it ALWAYS eventually devolves into wearing half of our closet to keep warm! That’s why know how to layer with outerwear is crucial to staying cozy and stylish throughout the chilly season.

No single coat is the perfect solution for the mild to freezing temperatures of winter, that’s why we asked our Senior Product Manager, Jenn to break down her four must-have coats and when to wear them!



Hey, I’m Jenn! A little bit about me, I’m the senior product manager at thredUP and I’m kind of a big fan of thrifting (a match made in heaven, I know).

On any given day at the office, I have to hit the ground running pretty early. Having super easy AND cute outfit recipes to turn to whenever I’m pressed for time has saved me from plenty of bad outfit days. Especially during winter. So many layers, so little time, am I right?

So what’s my secret to looking polished all season long? Coats, coats, coats! My winter capsule closet includes four essential coat styles for every temperature, a trench, peacoat, wool coat, and puffer!

It’s an easy way to transition from fall to the dead of winter without feeling like I don’t have a good foundation for my winter formulas.

Breezy Fall: Trench Coat


The beginning of fall is like a little layering warm-up. I start off light with a trench over a turtleneck oversized sweater. It adds just enough warmth without overdoing it, and it’s SUPER cozy! Pro tip: I always pair my chunky knits with skinny jeans so my silhouette doesn’t get completely overwhelmed by the oversized look.

If you’re anything like me and you’re not super into the classic all-beige trench look, you can bring some edge into the outfit (like my leather sleeves) and add a pop of color with a fun heel. Leopard print is super in right now, and I’m here for it.

Fall to Winter: Peacoat


Wow, I don’t know what I would do without a peacoat! It’s such a cute classic, and it’s just a little warmer and thicker than a trench. Absolutely perfect for that weird kinda-chilly, kinda-not time between fall and winter.

I heard through the grapevine (thredUP has a lot of trendy ladies, after all), that plaid and houndstooth are big this season, so I chose this style. It’s more preppy than the average peacoat, which I LOVE, and it’s perfect for work.

I toned down the bold pattern with a button-down, dark jeans, and flats for a simple and incredibly comfy look.

Winter Chill: Wool Coat


I break out the wool coats when the chill REALLY starts seeping under my layers. I love a camel hair coat, it’s just that my budget isn’t ready for that kind of commitment, so the next best thing is a beige wool coat!

Come mid-winter, I am all wool all the time. I styled my favorite beige coat with a windowpane check wool dress, tights, and leather boots. To top off my look, I added a blush of pink through a big scarf. All covered up but still super stylish! The secret to wearing dresses during winter is to STOCK up on stockings. It makes a huge difference, I swear.

BRRRR!: Puffer Coat


If you’ve ever lived anywhere that gets miserably cold, you know styling is a struggle. Sometimes I just want to wear three sweaters and two layers of sweatpants and call it quits. I say invest in a huge puffer. Ideally, it should cover your butt, and in freezing conditions, the puffer coat should go all the way down to your shins. I softened this super technical-looking puffer with a cable knit sweater and shirt. Throw in thermals as needed. When I go from freezing weather outside to an overheated house, I can easily peel off the layers.

The final touch? A cute, bright red beanie! A beanie is the most chill way to casually style for the season, and everyone loves a nice pop (and bobble if you got it).

Winter layering on point. How do you stay stylish during the coldest months? Comment and share some styling tips below. We’re all in this cold together!