Published on july 9, 2017

True Hue: What Color Is Your Personality?

written by Team thredUP

When you look in your closet, what do you see? If the answer is a trusty palette of blacks, whites, and grays, you might not be expressing your true self. There’s a color within each of us that’s just waiting to be worn. Are you a passionate person? Let bold reds be your inspiration. Energetic? Fiery orange is your color. Cool as a cucumber? Blue is soooo you.

Take our color personality test to find out which color you should incorporate into your wardrobe, stat. With thredUP’s amazing low prices and easy-to-use color filters, your closet (and summer) will be bursting with fun with options under $30, $20, and even $10.

ALSO, you could win good stuff: Once you find out your result, publicly share it from our album on Facebook with your friends!

On Labor Day, we’ll pick 5 winners who share their results on Facebook at random to win $100 to shop with us. (Want more? Share it publicly on Instagram with #lovelifeincolor. We’ll be picking one winner per week to get $1000 to shop. We’ll choose from among all post on the hashtags and those who have favorited something on the site. We will also pick one runner-up a week who posts on #lovelifeincolor to win $50 to shop.)

OK, here we go! The million dollar question: Hue are you? 

1. What’s your idea of a boss moment?
A. Acing my job interview
B. Organizing the school field trip
C. Putting the finishing touch on my large-scale painting
D. Giving a presentation to 200 people
E. Treating myself to a spa day

2. It’s Friday night. You’re wearing…
A. Sports tank and yoga pants
B. Body-con dress
C. My style uniform
D. Sexy lingerie
E. Cozy PJs

3. What’s in your handbag?
A. Wallet and keys
B. Last night’s concert bracelets
C. A journal for jotting down ideas
D. Notes for my side hustle
E. Travel-sized essential oils

4. Apps on your home screen:
A. Amazon Prime, NYT, thredUP
B. Snapchat, Insta, FB
C. VSCO, Etsy, Spotify
D. LinkedIn, Kayak, Ellevest
E. Candy Crush, Netflix, Instacart

5. You have some unexpected downtime. You…
A. Read a book
B. Hang out with your friends
C. Go to a museum
D. Go for a run
E. Meditate

6. Emoji that best represents you:
A. 😀
B. 💄
C. 🔥
D. 💪
E. 🙏

7. What’s your closet situation?
A. It’s organized by category
B. I can’t get in it
C. It’s organized by color
D. Tomorrow’s outfit is hanging on the door
E. The stretch pants are at eye level

8. You see something funny on Instagram. You comment with:
A. Hahahaha
B. @mybestfriend @myotherbestfriend @mycoworker @mycoworkersbestfriend
C. I wish there was a twerk emoji
E. BYE 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

9. Time to declutter. Which room do you tackle first?
A. Closet
B. Living room
C. Kitchen
D. Bedroom
E. Bathroom

10. Your LinkedIn profile pic is…
A. An iPhone photo of myself in front of a cool wall
B. My cropped out head from a group shot taken in Mexico
C. Abstract. I’m not in it
D. A professional headshot of me looking BOSS
E. A lovely snapshot of my kids

11. You find $20 in the pocket of jeans you haven’t worn in months. You…
A. Put it in your wallet
B. Treat yourself and your bestie to ice cream
C. Fund your latest DIY project
D. Challenge yourself to see how much you can get at thredUP
E. Keep it there

If you chose mostly A’s:
You’re respectful, independent, and practical. Blue is the color of peace and trust. Wear it to show loyalty and to cool stressful situations.


If you chose mostly B’s:
You’re playful, energetic, and the life of the party. Orange is social and engaging. Wear it to a concert or out with friends.


If you chose mostly C’s:
You’re happy, cheerful, and optimistic. Yellow has the power to inspire creativity. Wear it to your team’s next brainstorm session.


If you chose mostly D’s:
You’re bold, ambitious, and passionate. Red is the color of energy. Wear it for a boost of confidence from the boardroom to the bedroom.


If you chose mostly E’s:
You’re compassionate, feminine, and oh-so-chill. Pink is the color of love. It’s a reminder to practice self-care and helps you to relax in tense moments.