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Advice From A Style Expert: Everything You Need For A Stylish Summer

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It’s soon to be summertime, which means sunny lunch breaks, balmy nights (except not really if you live here in San Francisco), and weekend getaways. Our very own Style Expert Lindsay, has a list of summer must-haves and guidelines that we absolutely love. From breathable materials to distressed denim, she has summertime dressing down to a T.

We grilled Lindsay on her top tips for warm weather dressing, and we’ve made this post shoppable so you can apply this inspiration to your shopping cart, stat. 

Q: What’s your favorite summer material?

Lindsay: Silk. It immediately dresses up an outfit, and makes it polished yet breathable by regulating your body temperature. What a win-win!


[Shop like-new silk! It’s a great option to buy secondhand because it holds up for years.]

Q: Do you have a favorite silk item?

Lindsay: An Equipment button-up. In blush. I love everything blush, especially for the summer. Coral too!


[Here are some blush tops to check out!]

Q: A little birdie told us you love all things denim – what’s your favorite kind for the summer?

Lindsay: I just love distressed denim. It makes any outfit more casual. And ready for anything.


[Wanting some destroyed denim? We’ve got you covered! Check these out.]

Q: Speaking of ready for anything, how do you (easily) transition from the office to going out?

Lindsay: I leave my tote under my desk and grab a clutch instead. Done and done. When I go out, I like to keep it simple. I stick my clutch in my tote every morning for the just-in-cases that might arise.


[It’s tote time!]

Q: Looping back to denim, what kind do you pack for a summer trip?

Lindsay: Definitely something comfortable. Boyfriend jeans. My favorite brand is probably Citizens Of Humanity, because it’s just a good denim. They last a really long time, and there’s a comfort there that’s not as reliable with other brands.


Q: How does the San Francisco weather (read: never-that-warm) in the summer affect your summer style?

Lindsay: You have to think about layers. When I was living in New York City I would just go out and not worry about bringing a sweater. Here, I never leave without something. Even if it feels warm, I’m going out with a jacket.

Q: What’s your “summer in the office” uniform?

Lindsay: Dresses! Because they’re the most comfortable, automatically a little more put together, and everyone always says, “ooh la la!” when really it was just the easiest choice. I love one-piece outfits, so jumpsuits too. And to pair with those pieces, I usually go for booties, or a nice pair of pointy-toed shoes.


[If you didn’t already have the dress-bug, surely you do by now – go ahead, treat yo’self to a new number]

Q: You’re going on a weekend trip. Tell us the first three things that come to mind for fashion choices.

Lindsay: A cute shift (great for traveling), a jean jacket, and my Swell water bottle.

And with that, let the summer festivities commence! 

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