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Choose Used for 2020: 6 Achievable Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

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Well, the party’s over and it’s time to double down on our resolutions again. And while setting goals around eating healthier and working out are all well and good, we should ALL be pledging to have a more sustainable 2020–the climate crisis isn’t going anywhere, you guys! Luckily, setting sustainable new year’s goals isn’t as hard or expensive (that gym membership? $$$, people) as you might think. Read on for 6 eco-friendly new year’s resolutions and sustainable living ideas that are super easy to keep for 2020.

1. Start an Eco-Friendly Routine


According to the EPA, the average American produces almost 5 lbs of waste per day(!!), which includes to-go coffee cups, bottled water, leftover food, and more. Pinpoint the wasteful habits of your everyday routine and replace them with eco-friendly alternatives. Such as using your own thermos or reusable water bottle, or bringing a container to store any leftover food for later.

These changes may seem small and even insignificant, but every choice we make matters, especially when forming new sustainable habits! Check out this super-easy to making your own sustainable kits, for every day, the kitchen, and even laundry!

2. Clean Out for Good

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January is prime time for a good closet cleanse, but don’t start throwing away the clothes that no longer bring joy! A whopping 26 billion pounds of clothing are sent to landfill each year, and there really isn’t any room for more. Consider giving them a second life instead. You can sell clothes yourself, use our handy Clean Out service, or organize a fun clothing swap with friends! For any pieces that aren’t suitable for selling or donation, send them to be recycled or use the material in fun upcycling or DIY projects!

3. Buy Less, Style Often

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Let’s leave “I have nothing to wear!!!” syndrome and our repeat outfit phobia in 2019. There’s sooo much hidden potential in our closets. All it takes is a little creativity and some accessories to make a boring outfit feel brand new. Next time, take a good long look at your closet before you hop off to the mall. Who knows, you might rediscover a long-lost favorite dress, or maybe a new-with-tag shirt you never go around to wearing.

4. Keep Choosing Used

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Sometimes you just want to add something fresh and exciting to your wardrobe. We get it. Thankfully, choosing used satisfies that fashion itch without harming the planet or your wallet. Whether it’s the latest trend or a piece from your wishlist, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for at a local thrift store or online, thredUP has over 35,000 brands and arrivals every hour (wink wink).

5. Rent or Swap Clothes for Special Events

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Wedding season is just around the corner and there’s more than one way to choose used! Instead of splurging on a dress you’ll probably only wear once, why not rent an outfit or, better yet, shop your friends’ closets. Everybody has at least one or two dresses they’re saving for a special occasion. Rock a fresh outfit at every event by organizing a dress swap with your BFFs,  your wallet and the planet will thank you for it too.

4. Gift Green

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ICYMI, 145M unwanted gifts are given each year, most of which are clothes. Take the guesswork out of gifting, and reduce the chance of your gift being returned of thrown away(!!), by sending them a gift card instead! Plenty of companies offer stylish gift cards and e-gift cards alongside customized messages so you won’t lose that personal element of gifting. We have some super cute e-gift cards too.

If you must give a physical gift, consider more sustainable alternatives. Instead of buying another sweater that’ll end up in the back of their closet or gifting them the 100th pair of socks, why not buy a thermos they’ll actually use or storage bags to use in the kitchen. Our handy dandy sustainable holiday gift guide has plenty of eco-friendly gift ideas.

5. Care For Your Clothes


While it’s tempting to throw worn clothes away and get something new, we need to put more value on what we wear. Extend the life of your clothes by picking up a few basic mending skills, learn how to deal with stains, and more clothing care essentials. A little TLC and a handy sewing kit go a long way! Start your DIY journey with our how-to guide to sewing on a button, or handy clothing care tips including energy-saving ways to wash your clothes!

6. Off-Set Your Travels

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Aviation emissions are skyrocketing and we should do everything we can to make up for the environmental cost of that trip to Hawaii. For all your travels this year, buy carbon offsets along with your flight tickets, and that money will go towards carbon reduction projects.