Published on november 13, 2017

The Traveling Thrifter: How to Pack Cute Thanksgiving Outfits for the Holiday Break

written by Team thredUP

T-minus one week to turkey and cranberry sauce! Heading out to the in-laws for a 4-5 day vacay? Don’t fret—we’ve enlisted our resident traveler and art director Chrissi Hernandez to give us the low-down on what to wear and what to pack. Cute (and forgiving) Thanksgiving outfits, weekend shopping gear, and the best clothes to travel in. (Hint: food-forgiving stretch pants top the list.)

I travel to Nashville every Thanksgiving to visit my in-laws. Weather is unpredictable so I pack clothes for warm and cold weather. As cliche as it may seem, my favorite thing to do in Nashville is go out to the honky tonks on Broadway. There are always amazing musicians playing, and the energy of every bar is full of life. My second favorite thing to do is hang out in my PJs all day with my family drinking mulled wine. 

Family Dinner Party 

Our family dinner parties are pretty low key, which is why I love wearing a simple tee dress. It feels like a slightly elevated casual, and there is plenty of wiggle room for dessert. Just add a cozy sweater and leggings or tights when heading out for the night.

Weekend Shopping Day 

Accessorize with a large tote bag for a day of shopping. It looks great and you can fit most of your purchases in it without wasting paper. Trendy and good for the planet.

Girls’ Night 

One might say, I wear a lot of tee dresses. I can’t help it, they are SO comfortable! For a night out with the girls, just add some high heels and a statement necklace and they dress up the look!

Travel Day 

Traveling usually equates to a lot of walking, so over the holidays I opt for flats or low-key ankle booties that are comfortable to walk in, but still look stylish.

Day Date

For a winter day date with my hubby, I layer up with a long wool coat and top it off with a cute beanie. Sneakers are great for keeping the look comfortable and casual.


Holiday carry-on checklist (4-5 days)

1 warm coat
2 pairs of shoes ( 1 dressy, 1 casual)
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of leggings
5 shirts
2 sweaters
1 dress
3-5 pairs of wool socks
1 scarf
1 pair gloves
1 beanie

Chrissi’s Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips

Always bring a carry-on.
This is a general rule of thumb for me. I once did a 2-month trip and still carried on. Why? First reason, it’s cheaper. Second, it takes less time at the airport because you don’t have to stand in line to check, especially around the holidays! Third, your luggage won’t get lost. Fourth reason, it’s more lighter weight for stairs and other scenarios. And finally, it forces you to pack more efficiently.

Download entertainment.
Flights get canceled and delayed often during the holiday season, it’s just part of travel. Don’t get too frustrated, instead be prepared for these inconveniences and download entertainment like podcasts, audible books, movies, and music to keep you entertained while you wait it out.

Long flight? Bring this.

  • Noise-canceling Headphones
  • Neck pillow
  • Eye mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Melatonin

Follow a few simple fashion tricks
Always keep a sweater or sweatshirt tied around your waist, wear leggings under dresses, and wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes on a flight.

Stay hydrated
Drinking lots of water en route will help you look and feel better when you get off the plane.

Where are you headed for the long weekend? Tell us how you plan and pack for the festivities in the comments below!