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The 3 Fun-damental Party Dresses Every Woman Needs

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When you’re getting ready and/or changing into an out-on-the-town ensemble, the last thing you want to worry about is wasting time digging through your closet for the perfect dress. Searching for going out dresses doesn’t have to be a hassle taking up time in your busy day anymore; at thredUP, we’re passionate about simplifying while staying stylish. Read on for the three fun-damental (pun intended) party dresses that every woman needs in her arsenal, and at least in her capsule closet!

1. The Little Black Dress


The ideal accessory for a little black dress? You can’t go wrong with a cocktail… @extrapetite

Ooh, the little. black. dress… When it comes to chic simplicity, there’s nothing better. While cocktail dresses come in a variety of colors and styles, the little black dress does so much more, making it a staple in anyone’s collection of must-have party wear dresses. For evenings when you have to go directly from work to a cocktail party, bar, or any other social reception, a little black dress is the perfect day-long companion. Style it with a blazer or neutral-colored jacket during the day for a more professional look and then pair it with fun shoes, like colorful block heels, at night. Go for a little black dress with details like lace or cutouts for a hint of personality!

2. The Bodycon* 

A bodycon dress can transition swiftly from day to night with any number of shoe or jacket changes, like this one that @trendycurvy is rocking.

*Bodycon is short for body conscious (in other words? It hugs your curves!), and this dress was named for its sleek, figure-flattering look that just doesn’t quit. Don’t worry (exhale) bodycon doesn’t have to be synonymous with super short or super tight! Consider snagging one of these dresses in a midi-length for a sophisticated look. If you already have a black dress, go for another dark color like burgundy or navy blue to keep things flexible and wearable year-round! You can also easily pair a bodycon dress with a cute belt or tied shirt to accentuate your waist, or match it with statement jewelry that will stand out against the simple, flat fabric of the dress.

3. The A-Line


An a-line dress is the perfect base for any outfit. @juliahengel

Fit and flare your way to the top in an endlessly floaty a-line dress. A-line designs work well as summer party dresses, holiday party dresses, or evening dresses… basically any time you can’t get away with wearing your favorite jeans and hoodie. The cinched waist and wide, flowing skirt looks incredible on a range of body types, and you can find so many bright colors and interesting patterns, especially classic stripes, florals, and eyelet lace – perfect for spring and summer. Toss on an a-line dress with reliable flats or booties when you’re headed to the office. Like the little black dress, this outfit is a godsend when you don’t have time to put a lot of effort into crafting a complex outfit.

What’s your go-to party dress? Let us know in the comments!