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The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

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sunniesAs you soak up the last of the summer rays this Labor Day weekend, it’s important to ensure that they stay out of your delicate eyes. Thankfully, sunglasses pretty much define cool, and this summer’s trendy shades are definitely on the mark. We’ve rounded up the hot new shapes that work best on different faces, at a couple of different price points that will satisfy the hardcore sunglass investor as well as the hardcore sunglass-forgetter (don’t worry, we’ve lost our share too). An added bonus: even when the temperatures cool, these shades will last you into the fall and beyond.
The face shape: Wide at the temples and narrower at the chin.
The sunglass shape: It’s best to choose a shape of lens that’s similar to the heart-shape of the face. Classic aviators are a perfect choice, and won’t overwhelm the smaller bottom half of your face.
The affordable option: $19 gold aviators from ASOS.
The face shape: Generally balanced, with cheekbones as the widest point of the face. The chin might be slightly narrower than the forehead.
The sunglass shape: This face shape can pull off the boldest looks. Cat-eye frames, with their exaggerated proportions, will make your face look narrower.
The face shape: Round faces tend to have foreheads with a similar width to the chin, and fuller cheeks.
The sunglass shape: Square and rectangular shapes help define the features of a round face.
The affordable option: $6 square shades from Forever 21.
The face shape: The name says it all– square faces are pretty much the same width from top to bottom.
The sunglass shape: Round frames balance out the angular features of a square face.