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earth day

What does it mean? And how can we get it? 

Living the good life used to mean a closet full of designer clothes, a different handbag for every day of the week, and justifying $120 white T-shirts (Kanye, that’s so 2010).

Now people are talking about wanting simplicity, doing more with less, and consuming experiences rather than things.

That’s the new definition of living large. Living small. 

We’re so in.

Since it’s Earth Month, we thought it would be a good time to share what we’re doing over here at thredUP, and to start a conversation about how we can make a bigger impact in the future—for the earth, for our homes, for each other.

What we’re doing together

By shopping and selling secondhand clothes, we’re saving natural resources necessary for new garment creation and keeping millions of pounds of textiles out of landfill.

Pretty awesome, right?!

In 2014 alone, customers saved $62 million shopping secondhand at thredUP, and earned $4.5 million selling clothes from their closets. We made an even larger societal impact when you include company and customer donations to charities and local school programs.

What else can we do 

Once we shift our mindset to that of a conscious consumer, everything changes. We’re shopping secondhand, using local ingredients, preparing portable meals in mason jars, buying our kids less stuff, owning fewer products. Our closets are clean and organized. Our lives are full. 

Okay, so let’s celebrate Earth Day every day and bring the good into all of our lives. Deal?

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