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The Guide To Looking Cute While Pregnant (We’ll Make This Easy)

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Maternity style can be kind of a bummer, let’s be real. Growing a bun in the oven is a lot of work, and the last thing you want to think about are your clothes. But all of a sudden your closet staples don’t fit like they used to and it’s time make a move. Chances are you’re not looking to drop a bundle on brand-new pieces you’ll only wear for a few months, so what do you do? Enter: secondhand shopping (and a little creativity). Read on for our top ideas for looking cute while pregnant, without breaking the bank:


1. Big surprise, we’re going to suggest you shop the Maternity section on thredUP. Why? So many reasons. These items are way cheaper than new at the store, but chances are, the awesome person who sold them to us only rocked the threads for a few months, meaning they’ll be in near-perfect condition for you!

2. Sttrrreeetttcccccchhh. We know a couple ladies who got by on stretchy clothes alone during their pregnancies. It’s actually a pretty neat time in your life because it’s cool to show off your expanding tummy. (Spanx get exiled to the back of the closet.) Grab a few stretchy spandex-blend dresses (both maxi and mini) and flaunt your new shape. You can usually find these non-maternity dresses for pretty cheap. Bonus: You can wear them postpartum too.

3. Empire waist. This silhouette is comfortable and light, perfect for when you’re feeling anything but. Look for ones in versatile, breezy fabrics and let your tummy steal the show.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.57.40 AM.png

Fashion inspo from Julie Nibble

4. Rock maternity denim. If your body is changing a lot and you have days where you feel less than hot, try wearing skinny jeans that are fitted in the leg to feel more feminine. For a quick ego boost, try a swipe of red lipstick or a pair of kitten heels (unless you’re very late in your pregnancy).

5. This is similar to #2, but we’re going to repeat it! Opt for snugly fitting clothes rather than the bulky ones that drown out your shape. You’ll feel better. Embrace the belly!

6. That said, if you’re headed to a spring or summer party, a printed mumu, some flight sandals, air-dried hair, and your pregnancy glow can be a pretty awesome look. If you really want a waistline, try tying a ribbon just below your bust and above your bump.


Issa Chou rocking the mumu

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