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The thredUp Back-to-School Shopping List

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As the long summer days come to a close, it’s time to get into the back-to-school season. From new backpacks, an endless list of school supplies and just preparing your child (and yourself!) for their first day, buying a new wardrobe seems like just another task that might not ever get done (not to mention the hit it takes on your wallet!). But not to worry – we’ve created a list to help you jump-start (or finish) your shopping.

Back to School Shopping List


Whether it is graphic shirts or nautical stripes, six shirts will keep you covered. Mix and match with three sweaters to suit all weather (grab those zip-ups and pull-overs before they’re gone) and two jeans and two tracksuit bottoms. 6 Shirts | 3 Sweaters | 4 Bottoms

Find that perfect fit and your little boy will want to wear a blazer everywhere. We can’t resist pairing a bright blazer with a polka dot bowtie, but a basic black, blue or brown will be the foundation to any outfit. Grab two button-downs and a pair of khakis and cords and you’re all set for picture day. 2 Button-downs |1 Blazer |1 Khakis & Corduroys

The key items you’ll need for anything active is a pair of shorts, sweatpants, sneakers and shirts. Keep things fresh with two shirts, two pairs of shorts and two pairs of sweats. Before the weather turns chilly, stock up on our 5 “field trip” staples: the winter coat, the vest, the scarf, the hat and the gloves. Most importantly, we suggest two jackets. One for fall weather and the other for the winter chill.


Invest in six shirts that range from basic solids to classic stripes and fun patterns. Mix and match tees with 3 sweaters (zip-ups, cardigans, crewnecks anyone?) and add two pairs of jeans. Throw in a pair of leggings for some added comfort. 6 Shirts | 3 Sweaters | 2 Jeans

You can always splurge for more, but choosing two of these three types of dresses will keep her closet in rotation for a long time: the tunic (paired with easy leggings), the simple one (for everyday) and the fun one (that she loves loves loves to wear). Pair pants or a skirt with a button-down shirt and lights, camera, action! 2 Dresses | 1 Khakis & Cords | 1 Button-Down | 1 Skirt & Skort

Stay fresh with two gym shirts and two play shorts that she can swap in and out. For those chillier days, get a comfy pair of sweats and two jackets. A fall and winter jacket will do the trick and you can’t go wrong with a winter coat, scarf, gloves, hat and a vest for extra measure. 2 Gym Shirts | 2 Play Shorts | 1 Pair of Sweats | 2 Jackets

Good luck! We hope these help and as always, feel free to ask us questions or comment. What are your key essentials for back-to-school gear?