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The votes are in!

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We asked you to share your favorite thredUP moments with us and you did! We loved seeing your kids, your homes and the moments that were special to you. Some of you love the surprises and extras that thredUP moms add to boxes while others enjoy seeing the look on their child’s face when a box arrives. Video entries included poems, capes, cute happy dances, and extreme box packing. Now for the important part….

The Fan favorite video winner received over 325 views on YouTube and was created by Anissa Danly!

Picking the second winner of thredUP’s choice was no easy task. The office was divided by two great videos and the debate consumed our morning! Here are your two winners and the runner up:

Fan Favorite Winner – $100 cash prize: Anissa Danley, sent in this great video of her daughter’s “happy dance”

thredUP’s Favorite Winner – $100 cash prize: Talk about a thredUP moment

Runner up – $10 swap credit (because we had to): Star Wars and Bumble Bee’s Oh My

Thank you for sharing your moments. We hope you’ll have many more along the way! All the great entries can be found in the “favorites” section of thredUP’s YouTube page.

PS Do you have suggestions for our next photo or video contest? We would love your feedback on how to improve contests, along with ideas for new themes and prizes. Let comments below!