Published on september 24, 2020

We’re 11! Here Are 11 Good Things You Did With Us This Year

written by Team thredUP


11 years of secondhand shopping, 11 years of planet lovin’ goodness! We couldn’t have made it this far and have done so much without you, thrifters. It may be our birthday, but you’re the MVP. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and celebrate some good things you’ve helped us achieve this year.

1. You Thrifted for the Planet

To date, we’ve recirculated over 100 MILLION items together. Imagine, your pre-loved sweater is probably living its best life in someone’s closet right now. That new statement piece you got on thredUP? That has a story too. By cleaning out and thrifting together, we’ve saved about 1.74M lbs of CO2, that’s like 90k trips (remember trips?) around the world.

2. You Helped Keep Fashion Circular

More thrift love from you means more eyes on secondhand. You’ve helped us convince more and more retailers to think thrift! To date, 13 of your fave retailers have joined the circular economy. You clean out with us and get credit with your favorite retailers, the planet wins!

3. You Weren’t the Trash Person

Did you know? One in two people throw their clothes straight in the trash! Thrifters like you continue to inspire us to do more with the clothes in our closets. You joined us in ending throwaway culture for good when we debuted our first-ever 100% secondhand collection with designer Zero Waste Daniel. A lot of fashion lovers snapped up something from our ReFashion collection, and some of you even dug into your own closet to create one-of-a-kind ReFashion pieces!

4. You Discovered Your Closet’s Impact

How dirty is your closet? We found out earlier this year when we launched our Fashion Footprint Calculator. The fashion industry produces more harmful carbon emissions than the aviation and shipping industries combined. We learned a lot about your thrifty habits (lots of eco queens out there, woohoo), and you found out the best planet-kind closet choices to make. Let’s keep up the good work, planet lovers!

5. You Saved a Lot of Dresses


This year alone, you and your fellow thrifters saved over two million dresses (crazy, we know)! Our most popular category also happens to be one of the most carbon-intensive items to produce. Giving a dress a second life reduces its CO2e impact by 79%! Major props to dress lovers everywhere making a difference (and looking good doing it).

6. You Celebrate Thrift Every Month (But Especially August)

Our favorite time of the year, Secondhand Month, wouldn’t be the same without you. To recap: we had exclusive promos, oodles of social fun, surprise sales, and of course Bingo! Over 100,000 thrifters played the game with us and 10 lucky winners got $1,000 to shop.

7. You Bundled Your Way to Free Shipping

Bundling is one of our most-loved thredUP hacks! I mean, what’s not to love about having seven whole days to get free shipping? You get a bit more time to hit that $79 free shipping threshold and it reduces your carbon footprint by consolidating all orders made in seven days.

This year alone, over 480,000 bundles were made! One less package being released into the wild saves:

-1 lb of packing material
-9.6 lbs of CO2
-$5.99 shipping fee
-The back of your local FedEx driver

8. You Were a Favoriting Machine


The thrill of the find is one of the reasons why we love to thrift. Good thing we have over 2 million items online at any time for you to discover and favorite! This year, almost 19 MILLION items were added to treasure hunters’ wishlists. That’s a lot of secondhand love.

9. You Inspired Fashion Lovers to Get Thrifty in Times Square (!!)

To celebrate Secondhand Day, we invited our amazing community of thrifters to take over the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square! 130 fashion lovers got to show off their thrifted #OOTDs and show their support for the planet. Iconic. You’ve helped us spread the word about thrift by showing off your looks, how much you’ve saved on the biggest deals, and of course, sharing how proud you are to choose used for the planet. Keep referring your deal-hunting friends ($10 credit for you and them) and keep sharing with us on social media @thredUP!

10. You Were a Clean Out Pro

Since our last birthday, we’ve received over TWO MILLION Clean Out bags, that’s insane. Where would we be without our awesome sellers? We’re so thankful that thrifters everywhere are choosing to give their clothes a second life. Selling or donating an item extends its life by about 2.2 years, reducing its carbon, waste, and water footprints by 82%! While Clean Out kits are temporarily paused until we can reduce processing times and give you the best Clean Out experience possible, we’re still so happy you’re doing good with us.

11. You Were thredUP’s #1 Treasure Hunter

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home. Our favorite quarantivity? Finding the funkiest items on our site. You joined the treasure hunt and blew us out of the water with the wild stuff you found. Thanks for bringing lots of laughter and “OMGs” to the thredUP team, we hope you’ll keep treasure hunting with us!

It may be our birthday, but the guest of honor at this party is YOU! We couldn’t have made it this far without you. Thank you for everything, keep choosing used!