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Be a Better Gift-Giver this Season with our Holiday Purge Surge Report

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If you often find yourself regretting Black Friday impulse buys, and wanting to return most of the gifts you receive during the holidays, you’re definitely not alone! During the holiday season, we receive over two million items, 200,000 of which are brand new with tags still attached. That’s a 2X increase in new-with-tags items for commonly gifted brands!

In the interest of helping you gift better (and smarter!) this holiday season, our data scientists crunched the numbers and found a few key trends and tricks to keep in mind during your festive shopping sprees.

Thrift Stores Become a Treasure Trove for Brand-New Clothing

thredUP receives 34% more new-with-tags items in January, which means that shoppers have tons of brand new items to browse in the new year!

You can also reap the benefits of “returning” unwanted gifts to thredUP. Not only is it more convenient than going to a bunch of different stores and sorting through gift receipts, but you also have the opportunity to UPgrade your gift. It turns out 60% of thredUP sellers use their payout to “upgrade” to a more expensive brand. (…that LUXE section is calling our names!)


Classic Styles and Brands Make the Best Gifts

Everlane clothing is the least “regretted” brand purchase. With less than 1% of items returned to thredUP with tags attached. If you buy it, they’ll wear it! We personally love this SF-based brand and their ethos of transparency, and apparently you do too! If you spot Everlane on thredUP be sure to scoop it up because it doesn’t last long.

Classic styles like dark wash jeans and chambray clothing also have an incredibly low regret rate. We receive the majority of these items without tags, meaning they made the closet cut.

While these are safe to gift your mom or your bestie, don’t be afraid to try out trendier styles when buying for yourself! That’s one thing we love about thredUP— all the style, none of the guilt.


Thrifting is the New Regifting

The shift online has made thrifting even easier than returning. 38% of women surveyed say they send unwanted gifts to thrift stores because it’s more convenient than returning.


Considering that $60B in merchandise gets returned during and immediately following the holiday season, we’re glad more consumers are making the shift to thrift. It’s better for the environment and your wallet, and creates a sustainable clothing cycle. Returns aren’t usually placed back on shelves and more often than not they end up in a landfill.

Tell us how you think #secondhandfirst during the holidays in the comments section!