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10 Reasons Why Thrifters Do It Better

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Here’s something you can brag about—being a thrifter. More people are shopping secondhand than ever before, and you’re one of them! We’ve just released our 6th Annual Resale Report and it’s all about what the future holds for shopping secondhand. And guess what, it’s full of things you get to brag to your friends about. We’re so proud of our seller and buyer community. Here’s proof that you really are living your best life as a thrifter.

1. You are the inspo for everyone to buy used. If everyone shopped thrift for just one year, we could save water for all of California for 14 YEARS!


2. You are ahead (WAY ahead) of the shopping game. Buying brand-new is SOOOO last year. By 2027, resale will be larger than fast fashion as consumers start to re-think the eco-impact of apparel.

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3. Your UPcycled styles are another shopper’s like-new treasures. You help the earth by extending the lifespan of clothing by 2.2 years. Don’t believe us? Check it out here.

4. You and the planet are basically BFFs. Every garment you UPcycle reduces waste and emissions by 73%.

5. You are the fashionista in your girl squad because you get to shop an endless array of styles. 62% of consumers switch to thrift because of constant new arrivals and one-of a kind finds. The thrill of the hunt is real!


6. You always strut into the room looking good and feeling good because you shop the best of the best. You’re basically Rihanna. But doing it on a dime. 66% of consumers thrift to buy the best quality brands.

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7. Are you a millionaire? If not, you sure act like one. In a good way! You know how to manage your money. 13% active thrifters are millionaires!

8. You always get to shop guilt-free. Buying a used garment extends its life on average 2.2 years, which reduces carbon, waste, and water footprints by 73%.


9. You get to treat yo’self all the time! Buying used all day everyday can save you over $2,420 a year. That’s one trip to Hawaii or a massage TWICE a month. 040318-resaleReport-secondary-gif

10. If everyone was as smart as you, EVERY DAY would be Earth Day.

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Basically, if you’re a thrifter – you’re awesome! Brag to all of your friends and view the full report at