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Join Our Birthday Treasure Hunt and Score Major Deals!

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Confetti, set, go! It’s our 9th birthday and we want to thank our amazing thredUP community by going all out with 9 promo codes (up to 50% off, woot!) for the week. What’s the catch? Well… you’ll have to Spot the Dot!


Here’s how it works. We’ve hidden 9 promotion codes around the website. Spot them in categories (like blazers or pants) and score a promotional code. Once you find a dot, click it to move to the next dot location.

Use 1, use all 9. It’s up to you! To help you work towards free shipping while using multiple codes, you can bundle your orders. Learn more about Buy & Bundle here.

Don’t wait, start hunting now! You have a week to find and use all 9 codes. Click below to find your first one!


Get a Clue!

Need help? Each dot is hidden in a category, so take a hint (literally) with these 3 clues.


Going to a pool party or the beach? You’ll definitely need one of these.


Fall is the perfect time to wrap yourself in this item.


Go _____, it’s your birthday! We gonna party like it’s your birthday.

The Fine Print

How do I find a dot?
Keep an eye out for a polka dot when you’re shopping a specific category! It will hold a promotional code that you can use for a single order. To start you out, here’s a shortcut to the first dot.

What do I do when I find a dot?
Save the code (or use it!) and click the polka dot. It will take you to the next dot location, which will have a different dot and promo code. If you keep following the dots, you’ll eventually have all 9 promo codes.

How long is the hunt for?
Just a week, it’s in tandem with our birthday!

Can I use all 9 discount codes in one order?
Nope, but you can choose to Buy & Bundle! Bundling multiple orders gives you more time to earn free shipping AND you get to use all your discount codes without paying to ship each order separately.

What do I do when I find all 9 polka dots?
Don’t wait, get that dream closet! The codes are valid for our birthday week, make it count!

Let’s get this birthday party started! We’ve got our fingers crossed that you’ll find all seven promotional codes. Let us know below about any fabulous finds you manage to score on the hunt. 

For official terms & conditions, please visit here.