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IT’S OUR 8TH BIRTHDAY! We’re Picking 8 Winners A Week Who Share Their Secondhand Goodies

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Monday, September 25th is thredUP’s 8th birthday. Woohoo! But mostly, THANK YOU. Without you, we wouldn’t have birthdays. And we hope to have a lot more birthdays.

If you take a peek at our #secondhandfirst hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see a lot of people love to post photos of their thredUP finds. Why? We like to think it’s because when you get a thredUP find, especially that magical very first one, you’re (hopefully) thinking wow. These items do not look secondhand. I can tell someone curated these items, and packed them with love for me. Shopping secondhand doesn’t mean I’m not treating myself. At least that’s what we hope 🙂

This year, we’re replacing our signature polka-dot tissue paper with fun confetti-themed tissue to celebrate. AND. Here’s the kicker. We’re picking EIGHT people a week who post a photo of their thredUP order on social media to each win $50 to shop. Wowza! Read the official rules here.

Here’s how to enter:


Post a photo of your unboxing moment, a pic of you wearing your items, or your like-new items hanging in your closet on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with #secondhandfirst and #HBDthredUP

Each Friday starting on 9/29 (last eligible day to enter is 10/31), we’ll randomly select 8 people who post their thredUP photo with the hashtag to win $50 to shop. Wowza! Make sure your account is public so we can see it!

And before we let you go, here are our top tips for taking the perfect unboxing, laydown, and #ootd shot, as demonstrated by some of our very favorite customers.

Unboxing: Shoot from a bird’s eye view and aim to get some cute tissue paper and a sneak peek at what you ordered to add visual interest and texture to your Insta.

#OOTD (a.k.a. Outfit Of The Day): We love this Insta hashtag for the endless real-women-wearing-clothes inspiration it provides. Post a selfie (or recruit your spouse) of you in your outfit. Natural lighting is good, as are mural walls.

Laydown: What’s a laydown? It’s a little bit like an unboxing, but you show a bit more of the clothes you ordered.


Fresh out of ideas? Cats in thredUP boxes count, too.