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thredUPedia: Your Go-To Guide to Our Secondhand Slang

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Welcome to thredUP’s fashion dictionary– our find-out-everything guide to secondhand style. From fashion terms to all of our thredUPisms, we have everything defined. Keep an eye out for these definitions on our newly designed hangtags in your polka-dot packages! 



Add to Cart: The satisfactory action of clicking a button which secures the cute item you’ve been eyeing.

A-line: A dress or skirt that flares out slightly from the shoulders or waist. A classic silhouette, perfect for a professional setting.

Ankle Boots: Short boots that hit at or right above the ankle. Possibly the most versatile boot style.

Ann Taylor: An American brand known for its modern, feminine style. Find flattering dresses and skirts, perfect-fitting pants, beautiful blouses, and more.

Athleisure: Combines style elements from gym and studio workouts and applies them to everyday essentials. Although the pieces can be worn for athletic purposes, the styles are generally worn outside the gym and often seen at work, happy hours, and on the couch.


#badassmoms: #badassmoms is thredUP’s series where we celebrate amazing women who are defining a new norm. Women who are making modern choices, building a supportive community, and making it happen. Their stories are worth celebrating, and we want to share them with the world.

Banana Republic: Banana Republic is known for making sophisticated style easy and accessible. Clothes, shoes, and accessories offer clean lines, timeless prints, and classic shapes

Betsey Johnson: Best known for her feminine, whimsical styles and cartwheels on the catwalk. Many of her designs are considered eccentric and embellished, inspired by punk rock attitude.

Blazer: The blazer is one office-to-out staple that every woman should own. Smart, chic, and extremely versatile, it can be paired with denim, black pants, or draped over the shoulders of a casual dress.

Bomber Jacket: A short, lightweight jacket with a fitted or elastic waist and a zippered front. Also called a flight jacket. Perfect for a tomboy look, or to add playfulness to an outfit.

Buy & Bundle: To get to the $79 free shipping minimum, Buy & Bundle at checkout to combine multiple orders into a single package..

Boat neck: A wider neckline that almost runs shoulder to shoulder. An elegant closet staple, especially as a striped top or casual jersey dress.

Boyfriend jeans: A little bit tomboy, a little bit chic. Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed, loose fit and hang at the hips.

Breton stripes: In the 1800s, all French seaman in Brittany wore the stripes we refer to today as Breton Stripes. An iconic Parisian classic, the Breton-striped top is a must in every cool girl’s closet.


Capsule wardrobe: A tight edit of clothes that work together to create multiple outfits. It includes core essentials designed to be worn all year long, supplemented by a few new items or accessories each season.

Cashmere: Technically a type of wool, cashmere is a softer, finer fiber that is luxurious and expensive. At thredUP, you can find secondhand cashmere styles for a steal.

Clean Out: The process of cleaning out your closet and selling your like-new items to thredUP. Ask yourself, “Does it fit you today? Do you wear it? Does it bring you joy?” If any of the answers are no, sell it to thredUP and earn a little cash or credit. Make room in your closet for items you really want and love.

Clog: A shoe or sandal with a thick wooden sole or base. Known for their comfort and style, clogs are a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

Color collective: A celebration where thredUP honors a specific color (or print) for an entire month.

Cole Haan: Cole Haan is known for designing high-quality and comfortable (yet super stylish!) shoes that last for years.

Conscious Living: To live your life intentionally, aware of your impact on others and the world around us.

Consignment: Any item with an initial listing price of $60 or more is considered a consignment item at thredUP and qualifies for a consignment payout. The percentage you will earn is based on the initial listing price of the item. For example, if your dress is initially listed on thredUP for $90, you will earn 60% of the final selling price.

Cowl neck: A cowl neck sweater or top is characterized by a neckline that hangs in draped folds.

Crop top: A top cut short to reveal the midriff. Crop tops can be worn with skirts, pants, or shorts and are made in a variety of styles, from long-sleeve tops to those with halter necklines.

Culottes: Women’s trousers that hit right at or below the knee. Culottes tend to have a wide leg and loose fit.


Denim: A sturdy, cotton-twill fabric used in jeans, jackets, vests, and dresses. The versatility of denim cannot be overstated, as it literally goes with everything in your closet.

Diane von Furstenberg: Diane von Furstenberg has been transforming women’s fashion since she debuted her first dress design in 1970. Today, the collection includes her signature wrap dress as well as looks for work, weekend, and the red carpet.

DKNY: Donna Karan’s lower-priced line of off-duty essentials. Think sporty separates, signature jersey dresses, and must-have jeans.

Dot-spotted: When you find “THE ONE” and it’s 90% off retail.


Excellent condition: When a thredUP item’s condition is marked as “excellent,” you just might mistake it for brand new!

Express: Created in the ’80s, Express caters to young, professional women. Reasonably priced and on-trend, Express at thredUP is perfect for a like-new pair of jeans, a sweater, or an LBD.

Exsqueeze Me?: Common response to low prices at thredUP. “You: This was only $6 at thredUP. Them: EXSQUEEZE ME?”

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Fabletics: Co-founded by iconic actress and fitness mogul Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a subscription-based, premium activewear brand. Get high-quality and stylish workout clothes on a budget (especially at thredUP—no subscription necessary!).

Fashion Cycle: The cycle of clothes: You purchase it, wear it, and when you’re done with it, you give it a second life by donating or selling.

Flare jeans: Flared jeans are generally fitted along the hips and thighs and gradually widen to a bell shape.

FOMOTB:  Fear of missing out on those $15 Tory Burch flats.

Free PeopleThe original Free People boutique launched in Philadelphia, and later evolved into today’s Urban Outfitters. The label was revived in 2001 and is known for its modern boho, festival-chic styles.

Front-tuck: Getting that effortless look requires a tad bit of effort. Tuck your shirt in at the front and leave the back loose to draw attention to the waist without making it the focal point.


Gap: Founded in 1969, The Gap offers great denim, everyday basics, and trendy styles at an affordable price. The pieces are simple and casual, designed to be mixed and matched.

Giorgio Armani: Italian designer Giorgio Armani is known for his clean lines and expertly tailored shapes. Today, his collection includes high-end items that are classic and luxurious.

Guilt-free Shopping: Things you don’t have to feel bad about when thrift shopping: Spending too much and hurting the planet.



Hacks: Tips to make shopping on thredUP even better. Save your sizes when browsing to always see the styles that will fit you best.

Hobo: Hobo handbags are characterized by their crescent shaped upper portion and slouchy structure. These handbags are a bohemian take on a classic leather handbag that will always be in style.

H&M: Started in Sweden in 1947 as a women’s apparel boutique, H&M now has 4,100 stores worldwide. H&M is known for producing affordable designs that cater to the latest trends, as well as offering a wide breadth of basics.


Indigo: Commonly known as a deep, bright blue. Indigo is also used to reference blue jeans.

Instagrammable: When the outfit, lighting, and setting aesthetic come together beautifully.

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J Brand: Known for their flattering fits and timeless styles, J Brand is a mainstay in the premium denim market. Expect clean lines and modern silhouettes with a minimalist sensibility.

J.Crew: One of America’s favorite brands, J.Crew is known for its preppy basics with a twist. Designed by the inimitable Jenna Lyons, whose iconic, tom-girl style inspires millions of women all over the world, you will find chic blazers, classic button-ups, and done-right denim.

Jelly: The jealousy people feel when they hear how much you paid for your outfit. “Don’t be jelly. You can save, too!”

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Joie: Started in 2001, Joie is a designer brand that offers chic, comfortable clothes for women of all ages. Known for breezy, ultra-feminine pieces, the brand also designs sleek leather jackets and booties.

Joe’s Jeans: LA attitude meets a flawless fit to create the perfect pair of jeans. Since its founding in 2001, Joe’s Jeans has redefined premium denim through its use of high-tech materials and unique sense of style.

Jumpsuit: Inspired by ultilitarian work uniforms, jumpsuits have made the leap to the top of the trend charts. Do not be initimidated—as a whole outfit in one piece, jumpsuits are so easy to wear.


Ka-ching: The sound you make when you see how much you saved on your thredUP order.

Kate Spade: Founded in 1993, Kate Spade is known for ultra-feminine clothing line and playful collection of handbags and accessories. The New York-based company brings together traditional styles with crisp colors and patterns for a look that is charming and witty.


Layering: The art of finding which wardrobe items work best over and under one another—key when you live in a climate where the weather changes on a dime. Some classic layered looks? A button-up under a cable-knit sweater, or a cropped sweater over a slim-fitting maxi dress.

Leather jacket: With its roots dating back to the military, today’s leather jacket is a stylish alternative to standard winter outerwear. Whether it’s a vintage bomber or a moto style, a leather jacket offers warmth and instantly adds a little edge to your look.

Levi’s: Started in San Francisco, Levi’s pioneered denim and jeans as we know them today. The company created the first pair of Levi’s 501 jeans in the 1890s, a style that went on to become the world’s best-selling item of clothing. 501’s are seeing a resurgence again today, as jean lovers seek authenticity and originality in their denim.

Like-new: An item with little to no signs of usage. Could be mistaken for brand new!

Lilly Pulitzer: It’s always brighter with Lilly Pulitzer. In addition to her signature shift, the Florida designer is known for bringing tropics and bold prints to everyday essentials.

Linen: A material woven from flax. Light and breathable, linen is best for warm weather and is a vacation staple.

liveUP: At thredUP, we’re proponents of living life with intention and enjoying every moment. To liveUP is to celebrate each day for the gift that it is!


Madewell: Established in 1937, Madewell was relaunched in 2006 with a collection heavy in denim. Its tomboy-leaning aesthetic also offers a cute range of accessories, tops, bottoms, and shoes.

Maxi: A skirt or dress that skims the ankles, fully covering the legs. Maxis keep you warm when it’s cool, and let in a breeze when it’s hot.

Midi: A skirt or dress with a hem that hits at the calf, between the knee and ankle. Midis are a great alternative to maxi dresses.

Mini: A short skirt that hits mid-thigh. To help balance, cover up on top with a cozy sweater or cheeky graphic sweatshirt.

Mission: The thredUP mission is to inspire a new generation of shoppers to think secondhand first just like YOU.

Mock neck: A shirt or blouse with a high neck that does not need to be folded down all the way.

Mom jeans: Slightly baggy, high-waisted jeans, usually in a light blue wash. Worn ironically today, worn by our mother’s in the ’70s and ’80s.

Monochrome: Mono = one. Chrome = color. A color scheme or outfit in black and white, or in varying tones of only one color.


New with tags (NWT): Styles that are brand new with the tags still on. So you pay secondhand prices for brand new clothes!


OMG IT’S MY SIZE: When all the stars in the universe align bringing you and the perfect dress together. And it’s your size.

#ootd: Stands for “outfit of the day.” This hashtag is used at the end of a photo caption on social media when mentioning the outfit worn in the image.


Pea coat: A short, double-breasted coat originally made popular by sailors. Usually made from wool or a wool blend, this classic silhouette is a must-own closet staple.

Pencil skirt: A form-fitting skirt that is straight and narrow. Usually with a high waist and a hem that falls just below the knee. Pair with a button-up for polished perfection.

Pendleton: Started by British weaver Thomas Kay, who came to Oregon in 1863, Pendleton is known for blending European weaving skills with Native American patterns. The brand’s most icon