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#thrive4mothers: THANK YOU!

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THRIVE-v2_00128_v3For the month of May, thredUP teamed up with mothers2mothers (m2m), a non-profit organization leading global efforts to end pediatric AIDS and create healthy families and communities by training, employing, and empowering HIV-positive mothers as frontline healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa. Our team designed three beautiful images with inspiring messages; every tweet or retweet, Facebook share, Instagram post, and Pinterest pin or repin of these images with hashtag #thrive4mothers generated a $1 donation for m2m. The inspiration for these images? The amazing women in all of our lives who lift us up and make us laugh.

At the end of May, we tallied up all the beautiful shares that came from far and wide. We are so happy and proud of everyone that shared.

#thrive4mothers generated 7,757 shares and thredUP will donate $7,757 to mothers2mothers!


We connected with Robin Smalley, m2m’s Co-Founder and Director, to find out how the #thrive4mothers donation will be put to use.

First and foremost, the team at m2m stressed the importance of campaigns like #thrive4mothers because they generate awareness. Pediatric AIDS is now very rare in the developed world, but more than 400 babies are infected with HIV each day. Almost 75% of those babies are in sub-Saharan Africa.

The good news in this is that childhood HIV contraction is preventable, and that organizations like m2m are getting us closer and closer to an HIV-free generation.

Robin told us the $7,757 that thredUP’s #thrive4mothers campaign generated is considered unrestricted funding for m2m, particularly important because their team can use it to continue to innovate. Since it’s founding 2001, m2m has recognized that the trusting relationships that local mothers living with HIV form with other mothers make them uniquely effective in addressing many of the challenges of maternal and child health in sub-Saharan Africa.

They have seen great success with the Mentor Mother Model and are now evolving to address the entire life cycle… supporting families from pregnancy through early childhood and adolescence. The donation that thredUP’s community has made possible will help m2m build their brand new adolescent initiative where young Peer Mentors provide support, empathy, and education to teens so they can navigate the challenges of adolescence safely.