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Time is Money!

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As a busy mom on a budget, there are two things that I always wish I had a little bit more of: MONEY and TIME. I have a hunch I’m not the only one wishing for those things (if you’re not, please share your secret!) so I wanted to share 3 of my favorite websites (besides thredUP of course!!) that have saved me time and helped me make a little extra $$$ on the side. Check them out!

EcoATM – Have you heard about ecoATM? It’s an automatic, self-service kiosk (my local shopping mall has one) that pays you cash for your used electronics! I tested it out with an old iphone I had lying around collecting dust. All you have to do is place it in the ecoATM “test station” and ecoATM will examine it and quote you a price. If you agree to the price, you’ll receive cash ON THE SPOT. If not, you can decline and get your item back. It’s so easy! I received $146 for my old iphone. Pretty cool, right?

TaskRabbit – Looking for someone to pick up your dry cleaning or wash your windows? TaskRabbit lets you list your task and quote the price you would be willing to pay someone to help you out. Then, all you have to do it wait for a TaskRabbit to bid on the task, agree on a price, and you’re good to go! Reversely, if you’re looking for a way to make a little extra money, you can apply to become a TaskRabbit! This whole idea is genius.

BookScouter – I love books, but I have more than a few that I don’t really have much use for anymore. I feel terrible just throwing them out, but I also don’t have the space (or the desire) to store them. So I was so happy to come across BookScouter, a site that helps you sell your books for the highest price. All you have to do is enter the ISBN code and BookScouter pulls up all the available sites that would buy back the book and lets you know what they are currently paying. Then, you can decide which site you would like to sell it to.