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5 Insanely Good Thrifting Hacks You Didn’t Know About

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So, two things. One, even those of us that work at thredUP sometimes don’t know about the cool new product features our team is up to. Second, when you have 1.5 million items on your site at any given moment you kind of need a smart way to find what you’re looking for fast. That’s what this post is about. We asked all the right people and filtered through all the site features to give you the best of the best hacks to thrifting on thredUP. Tell your friends!


Thrift Hack #1: Saved Searches

This one is more of an upgrade situation. You used to be able to only save your searches when you typed something into the search bar. But now you can save your filtered searches, too. Do you want to find only like-new, teal J.Crew flats in size 6? You got it. And if we don’t have them in stock right now, we’ll send you an email the moment they hit our site. We’ll also let you know if items matching your search have been recently marked down too!

Here’s the full scoop:
-Choose the filters you want to save or enter text in the search bar.
-Click on SAVE THIS SEARCH at the top of the results page.
-Do it as many times as you like.
-Find all your saved searches under the bookmark icon.



Thrift Hack #2: Buy and Bundle

Buy and Bundle is a new option that allows you to bundle your orders over a 7-day period and ship them all together. It gives you a bit more time to hit that $79 free shipping threshold plus it reduces your carbon footprint. Wins all around. You can choose to ship anytime if you change your mind and want your items ASAP.

Two caveats to know before you start bundling: You have to have already purchased from thredUP before and have your credit card information saved to unlock this awesome feature. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Did you know? One less package being released into the wild saves:
1lb of packing material
9.6 lbs of CO2
$5.99 shipping fee
The back of your local FedEx driver


Thrift Hack #3: Sizing

This is one of those super simple tricks that people sometimes overlook. Since all our secondhand items are one-of-a-kind, it’s just a bummer to get excited about things that don’t fit. So, the first thing you should do when you start browsing is to select your sizes. And not just your standard dress size, but ALL your sizes. Waist size, shoe size, you get the picture. And don’t worry, you can easily turn your saved sizes off if you’re searching for an item for someone else.



Thrift Hack #4: Auto-Buy

This is our FAVORITE feature! So, you know how it’s a super bummer when the item you’ve been eyeing gets snagged by someone else? Well, just because it’s in someone else’s cart, does not mean it’s lost to you forever. Now, when you view an item that’s in someone’s cart, you’ll see a button that says AUTO-BUY. Click it and secure that item so as soon as it gets released, it’s yours. And if you just want to get notified when the item gets released, that’s cool too. Just click on GET NOTIFIED and we’ll send you an email or push notification (depending on your preference) the second it’s free.



Thrift Hack #5: Favoriting

Not ready to commit but want to view all the items you love together in one place? That’s favoriting! Just heart all the items you love and view them all under the DRESSING ROOM tab at any time. It’s the perfect place to experiment and create outfits. It’s also just fun to let others know what you think is great. What items are the most popular on thredUP? Check out how many hearts they have. Then you’ll know how many others are eyeing your stuff. If something you favorited drops in price, we’ll send you an email right away to let you know so you can snag it ASAP.

Do you have any top-secret shopping tips? We want to hear them to add to our list. Tell us in the comments below!