Published on may 21, 2017

How to Hack a New Summer Wardrobe on a Tiny Budget

written by Team thredUP

If your summer is anything like ours, your calendar is already jam-packed full of activities. Which only makes sense considering findings from a recent thredUP poll show 65% of secondhand shoppers spend their savings on experiences with friends and family. Fancy cars, flat-screen TVs, bills…pfff!

A recent article in The Atlantic states, “An abundance of psychology research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than do possessions.” Here’s our motto: Save on clothes, splurge on life.

Want to look amazing while having all this FUN this summer? Check out the best outfits for every occasion, every activity, and of course, every budget.

Barbecue Basics

Big, bold prints take a denim skirt to a whole new level. Ditch your basic white tee for one in a fresh floral print.


Total savings: $44
What you could splurge on
: Unicorn raft, case of LaCroix, Glossier cloud paint

Block Party Styles

White denim is the standout star of summer. A breezy, sleeveless blouse in a pop color makes the perfect topper.


Total savings: $82
What you could splurge on: Sparklers, roller skates, homemade wine coolers

Festival Must-Haves

Hitting the festival circuit? We are. Instantly transform your cutoffs-and-a-tee uniform with a boho chic cover-up. Dial up the 70s vibe with a fringe cross-body bag.

Total savings: $110
What you could splurge on: Round of beers, LED jewelry, flower crown.

Summer Fling Styles

Turns out Millennial Pink (otherwise known as blush) is the color of the season. Try this flattering shade with a denim for a casual weekend day.

Total savings: $97
What you could splurge on: Cotton candy, balloon darts, Tilt-a-whirl rides.

BUDGET: $100
Getaway Getups

Tonal, monochromatic looks are easier to pull off than you think. Just keep the shades similar and balance prints with a solid. When you’re picking accessories, stick within your color palette.


Total savings: $263
What you could splurge on: Mani-pedi, hipster coffee, Lyft rides.

Vacation Essentials

For a chic daytime look, try a wrap skirt with a mid-high waist and relaxed fit. Tuck in a peasant blouse for a flattering fit.

Total savings: $295
What you could splurge on: Spotify Premium, noise-canceling headphones, lavender oil

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