Published on july 5, 2017

Here are the Top 17 Maternity Blogs Every Badass Mom Should Follow

written by Team thredUP

Truth be told, there a lot of blogs out there dedicated to chatting about maternity and motherhood. We had a blast doing research for this post and it was near impossible to cut the list down to 17. Some are well-known favorites, some we just recently discovered, all are worth scoping out. Working mama? Check. Stylish mama? Check. Hippie mama? Check. Badass mama? Check. Check. Check.

Here are our top 17 favorite maternity blogs:

Pregnant Chicken


With captivating titles like “Porn for Pregnant Women” (you probably saw this post go viral), Pregnant Chicken has no shortage of hilarious articles poking fun at the crazy ride that is motherhood. But this comprehensive site is also packed with product recommendations, breastfeeding advice, birthing stories, and tons of resource guides. It’s your early year’s bible to everything pregnancy and maternity from editors who tell it to you straight. There’s no sugar coating topics in their popular Scary Sh*t Series.

The Fashion Bump


Being pregnant and being stylish aren’t mutually exclusive. Get inspired by street style shots in The Fashion Bump’s Bumpshell of the Week column and find tips and tricks on mixing maternity and non-maternity styles like a pro. Founded by a registered pediatric nurse, this pregnancy blog also dives into topics around travel, health, beauty, fitness, and nutrition.



Run by two of the most stylish and badass women we know, Bleubird blogger James McCoy and Refinery 29 vet Katie Hintz-Zambrano, Mother is a style-led parenting site chock full of first-person essays, in-depth interviews (and awe-inspiring photo galleries) with Insta-famous mamas, and roundups on the newest and coolest products and philosophies. We love seeing the mama world through their curated style and culture lens.



No maternity blog roundup would be complete without mentioning the mother of all parenting sites BabyCenter. Want a day-to-day guide on how your child is developing in the womb. Or an ovulation calculator. Or even a pregnancy weight gain estimator. You got it. This site is detailed and up-to-date with the latest news in child development and women’s health. The tone is more on the serious side—it’s where you want to go for the bulk of your trusted info. And if you want to get even more obsessive about tracking your child’s progress through the years, get the app.

The Bump


Did you know? 80% of all moms in the US host their baby registry on The Bump. Create registries with all your favorite retailers like Babies R Us, Amazon, and Pottery Barn Kids and The Bump will sync them all for you within 24hrs. We love. And this isn’t their only cool feature. Check out their popular baby name finder database, where you can search over 40,000 baby boy and baby girl names and research name meaning, origin, and popularity.

Working Mom Magic


Working Mom Magic is dedicated to the working mamas, who are presented with their own set of unique challenges. Popular articles range from 6 Working Mom Hacks to Get More Time with Your Kids to When Your Kid Hates Daycare. General blogs and sites are awesome but also it’s nice (and helpful) to know there are people out there going through the exact same things you are.

Mater Mea


Telling the stories of black women at the intersection of motherhood and career, Mater Mea is a source of endless inspiration. In-depth interviews feature thought-provoking questions, gorgeous family photos, and a peek into some of the most incredible lives. Check out the Mater Mea podcast, where the founder Anthonia Akitunde talks to guests about the topics that matter most—from work-life balance to self-care to childrearing.

Fit Bottomed Mamas


Want to maintain your active style while pregnant and continue post-partum? Take advice from Fit Bottomed Mamas—a team of super fit mamas who have a host of fitness credentials under their belt. Personal trainers, health coaches, and exercise instructors celebrate all stages of fitness in articles like 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Well During Pregnancy to Yoga for the Busy Mama. Look for sponsored wellness and fitness retreats that take place in spots like Santa Cruz, CA. Ready, set, go!

The Savvy Bump


The Savvy Bump is all about the deals. Coupons, freebies, and the lowdown on which retailers have the best bargains around. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Bookmark this one, mamas. Want to know how much a single diapers costs from every single brand out there? They’ve done the research. Turns out, growing a family on a budget is totally possible.

Lucie’s List


Lucie’s List is an amazing resource and survival guide for new moms, wading through and researching the endless amount of pregnancy and infant products out there. Yes, there’s a gadget for every tiny little thing you can think of. But do you really need all that stuff? Find out! Pregnant, click here. Got a baby? Click here.

Rookie Moms


Yeah, we’re all rookies. Not matter how times we’ve done it. Started by two moms in 2005, Rookie Moms answers the question, “What do you do with a baby all day long?” Need a little motivation? Try their 52 Weekly Challenges for New Moms. Sometimes when you have to make so many decisions for someone else, it’s nice to have someone make them for you.

Mama Knows It All


Local Oakland mama and one of thredUP’s favorite badassmoms Brandi Riley shares her unique perspective on motherhood and raising kids. Started as way to chronicle her personal journey to motherhood, Mama Knows It All is now a resource for women all over the world who are looking for encouragement as they figure out what being a mom means for them. Brandi shares intimate stories about her life and family in the hopes of helping other women feel less alone.

Scary Mommy


Head right over to the video section of Scary Mommy, where you’ll find hilarious short videos (all original!) that will have you sneaking into the closet to watch them. Clean living rooms, sorry. Sex with your husband, you wish. 4-minute beauty routines, we get it. This popular blog highlights truths we can all relate to.

Baby Chick


Because every generation has their own set of concerns, Baby Chick was hatched just for the modern millennial set. Home birth stories, yay or nay to probiotics, how to handle twin tantrums. Plus, style tips and an endless supply of listicles will keep this tab open on your browser for life. (Or at least til the kids are 5.)

Well Rounded


Focused on urban pregnancy and modern parenting, Well Rounded features smartly curated product guides, reviews, profiles, and expert Q&As to handling pregnancy in the city like a boss. We love honest articles like Why I Won’t Cover Up When I’m Breastfeeding and My Son Dresses Like a Princess (and I’m totally down with that).

Mighty Moms


This all-inclusive parenting blog is run by moms, where the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) works from her home basement in Wisconsin. Mighty Moms keeps it real with humorous and fun articles from pregnancy to the preschool years, focusing on provocative topics other sites might shy away from.

Red Tricycle


If you’re looking for a resource to curate the internet for all things kids and baby related, this is it. We love Red Tricycle for their exhaustive research on travel, classes, toys, party ideas, kids’ style, and so much more. There’s a city edition for every major metropolitan area plus a national guide. Their mission is to help every parent feel like a rock star by inspiring them to do fun things with their kids. And if you’re looking for ideas, you know where to go.