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Top 20 Eco-Bloggers You Should Be Following

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These eco-blogger babes are all over the blogosphere and are living proof that a sustainable life can also be a stylish one! So, if you want to join the green living revolution but are in need of some inspiration, these are the enviromental blogs you should check out!

Here are our top 20 favorite eco-friendly bloggers:

1. Sierra Camelia


Austin-based blogger Sierra encourages others to work towards a greener life through ethical fashion and sustainable living. We love following her journey through her take on a minimalistic lifestyle and money-saving style tips. Go follow her Insta, right now!

2. Sustainable Daisy


Karen is an environmental scientist and eco-friendly blogger who shares her passion for environmentalism through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips. She uses her blog as a platform for all earth lovers to come together and work towards small lifestyle changes (in a stylish way) for the greater good!

3. Fashion Hedge


We’re huge fans of Yarina’s smart lifestyle guide surrounding ethical fashion. Her website is a great resource to truly understand what sustainable fashion really means! We love her encouragement to be more conscious about our impact on the world whether it’s through beauty, fashion, travel, and more.

4. Tortoise and Lady Grey


In addition to being a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Summer Edwards also provides a free email course called, 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge, which helps breaks down your approach to sustainable living through your wardrobe! When we’re starting something new, sometimes it’s hard to get the ball rolling. Luckily, we have Summer to help us begin the journey.

5. Old World New


Our green goddess Addie Fisher makes us rethink the phrase, “Out with the old, in the with the new.” Her lifestyle blog is all about making old things, NEW AGAIN! Starting in sustainable building design and navigating her way towards sustainable fashion, Addie shares how she continues to pursue a greener lifestyle.

6. Fashion Me Green


Meet Greta Eagan, a creative consultant living and working in Jackson Hole, WY! She hopes to bridge the gap between stylish and conscious fashion and beauty through her fashion blog. Not only does she have an amazing style, but she also published her own book called, Wear No Evil, which helps others navigate doing good while looking good! You should def check it out!

7. Sustainably Chic


Her name says it all! Natalie created her blog as an outlet to talk about something she’s very passionate about—sustainable fashion. Topics range from green beauty, changes towards an eco-lifestyle, and brands to love. Natalie also recently launched a beauty brand called Pratique + Organique. Check it out!

8. The Note Passer


Writer, illustrator, and graphic designer, Elizabeth Stilwell is a jack of all trades. Elizabeth shares her inspiration as a “sustainable nerd” through a variety of awesome channels! She’s the co-founder of the Ethical Writers & Creatives, a group of journalists, writers and bloggers who seek to further sustainable living. She also runs a monthly fashion swap in NYC!

9. Eco Warrior Princess


We’ve got a group of badass warriors in our presence! Eco Warrior Princess was founded by Jennifer Nini and is now run by an awesome team. We love the topics these warrior princesses write about, discussing topics such as sustainability, social justice, feminism, green tech, and more. If you’re looking for a place to fill all of your interest—check out this blog!

10. EcoCult


After growing frustration between living a good life while also doing good for the world, Alden Wicker decided to start her blog to showcase all kinds of ways to live the life you want while being eco-friendly! If you’re searching for where to buy sustainable fashion, Alden’s got us covered with a list full of places!

11. Reading My Tea Leaves


Erin Boyle tackles sustainability by living simply and purposefully. She embraces the notion of “living small” and we love it! Follow her ways to take smaller steps through her food, travel, and style blog.

12. Trash is For Tossers


Lauren Singer documents her journey living a zero waste lifestyle in New York City. Everyone takes their journey differently and Lauren totally gets it! We love her posts called Easy Changes, which showcase a variety of little things you can do to work toward a zero waste lifestyle.

13. Zero Waste Home


“Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (and only in that order).” That’s Bea Johnson’s secret to her family living a zero waste lifestyle. Her blog and book called, “Zero Waste Home” encourages the 5 R’s to maintain a simple and sustainable life.

14. The Good Wardrobe


As a reformed shopaholic, Zoe Robinson founded The Good Wardrobe. It’s an awesome hub for the best sustainable fashion. Because everyone wants a good wardrobe, right? Especially one that does good for the planet!

15. Past Fashion Future


There’s nothing better than talking about timeless trends that connect to a sustainable future in fashion. We love Emma Grady’s take on her style movement focused on “Classic Style, Timeless Fashion.” If you love vintage shopping, this is the right blog for you.

16. Life+Style+Justice


Hannah Theisen take her perspective and joins two important things—sustainable living and social justice. We love her take on “everyday justice.” Interested in what that means? Read more about it on her blog!

17. GirlieGirlArmy


Who wants to join a glamazon guide to conscious living? We do! Chloé Jo Davis is not afraid to speak up and share her fierce message that you can live large and still make a positive impact on the world. Follow her fierce eco-friendly lifestyle!

18. Agy Textile Artist


Not only is Agy an awesome eco-blogger but she’s also an amazing textile artist. Combining both of her passions, Agy transforms beautiful clothes into creative wearables. You HAVE to check out her creations and take a workshop if you’re in her area!

19. Mommy Greenest


While raising her family with the knowledge of sustainable living, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff is absolutely #momgoals. We love her awesome guides that help navigate a variety of ways to live a green life—healthy eating, eco-friendly beauty, and more. She claims she’s not the greenest mommy on the block, but we think she doesn’t a pretty great job at it.

20. Green With Style


Living green = living in style. Kasha Cabato is an ultimate eco-fashionista that we love to follow. She teaches us that you don’t have sacrifice your style in order to be eco-friendly. Learn more about how to make smart shopping decisions on her blog!


Did we forget any of your favorites? Let us know right away in the comments below!