Published on may 22, 2019

Top 21 Eco-Bloggers & Influencers You Should Be Following

written by Team thredUP

Our feeds are inundated every day with fresh #OOTDs and trend-chasing tastemakers, but this constant newness doesn’t happen in a vacuum! Over-consumption and the wear-once mentality aren’t sustainable for us or the planet, and these eco influencers are setting out to make a difference.

Armed with super inspiring ways to shop your own closet, thrifting hacks, DIY projects, and more eco-friendly living tips, these sustainababes are using their platforms for good by sparking very real conversations around our spending habits and lifestyle.

Whether you’re thinking about living more sustianably or you’re well on the way to a greener lifestyle, these amazing eco warriors offer plenty of inspiration and encouragement to fuel you on your journey. Read on for our top 21 eco-friendly bloggers and influencers that are changing the way we think about fashion, food, and living.

1. Sustainable Daisy

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Karen is an environmental scientist and eco-friendly blogger who shares her passion for environmentalism through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips. She uses her blog as a platform for all earth lovers to come together and work towards small lifestyle changes (in a stylish way) for the greater good!

2. Old World New

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Our green goddess Addie Fisher makes us rethink the phrase, “Out with the old, in the with the new.” Her lifestyle blog is all about making old things, NEW AGAIN! Starting in sustainable building design and navigating her way towards sustainable fashion, Addie shares how she continues to pursue a greener lifestyle.

3. Sustainably Chic

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Her name says it all! Natalie created her blog as an outlet to talk about something she’s very passionate about—sustainable fashion. Topics range from green beauty, changes towards an eco-lifestyle, and brands to love. Natalie also recently launched a beauty brand called Pratique + Organique. Check it out!

4. Eco Warrior Princess

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We’ve got a group of badass warriors in our presence! Eco Warrior Princess was founded by Jennifer Nini and is now run by an awesome team. We love the topics these warrior princesses write about, discussing topics such as sustainability, social justice, feminism, green tech, and more. If you’re looking for a place to fill all of your interest—check out this blog!

5. Reading My Tea Leaves

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Erin Boyle tackles sustainability by living simply and purposefully. She embraces the notion of “living small” and we love it! Follow her ways to take smaller steps through her food, travel, and style blog.

6. Trash is For Tossers

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Lauren Singer documents her journey living a zero waste lifestyle in New York City. Everyone takes their journey differently and Lauren totally gets it! We love her posts called Easy Changes, which showcase a variety of little things you can do to work toward a zero waste lifestyle.

7. Zero Waste Collective

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From snorkeling with garbage in Bali, Indonesia, to picking up litter on trails in Southern Ontario, Canada, it became obvious to Tara that trash is an international issue. That’s why she founded the Zero Waste Collective, a community where those interested in sustainability can get the support they need to living ethically. You’ll find handy how-to guides, great recipes, DIY ideas, and most importantly, a passionate community of eco lovers who are making a difference.

8. Alyssa Beltempo

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Alyssa Beltempo learned about minimalism and conscious consumerism pretty quickly after she moved into a 700 square foot condo. On her Youtube channel and blog, she offers smart, conscious styling tips for women to confidently overcome over-consumption and the “I have nothing to wear” mentality by creating a curated, slow fashion closet.



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When we talk about sustainable fashion, we should also be discussing inclusivity. Aditi Mayer stands at the intersection between art, style, sustainability, and social justice. A talented photojournalist and filmmaker, Aditi chronicles her travels, tips on conscious living and style, as well as activism through beautiful, artistic storytelling.


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Sustainable duo Jill and Luke believe our choices, our voices, and our actions, and the way we live matters. They share eco-friendly brands that they love, super fun DIY projects (including a corset piñata!), sustainable travel, and his and her tips for a conscious life.

11. Shaenecessities

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Yes, you CAN be sustainable and stylish. At least, that’s what Shae Burns thinks! After blogging for two years, Shae grew tired of revolving closet mentality and wasteful nature of the fast fashion industry. That’s why she’s made the switch to a eco-friendly lifestyle and makes it her mission to empower other women to be conscious about their purchasing decisions without sacrificing beauty and style.

12. Green Dreamer

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The creative visionary behind the podcast Green Dreamer, Kaméa Chayne looks past the doom and gloom of climate change and highlights all the good that’s being done in the sustainable space. Her guests feature changemakers from all fields, including food activists, Zero Waste pros, ethical fashion experts, and us (tune into episode 40 and listen to Kaméa and our brand director Erin chat about circular fashion!). Listen in and get inspired by her positive vibes and thoughtful commentary.

13. Anita Vandyke

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Anita didn’t always live a zero waste life. Back in the day, she chased happiness by filling her closet with stiletto shoes, designer clothes, and more material goods. After some soul searching, she transformed her life when she started following principles of minimalism and zero waste living. Now she’s here to guide other women on their own journey through her blog, Instagram, and her first book “A Zero Waste Life: A Thirty Day Guide”!

14. Plant Based Blonde

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Wellness coach and plant-based nutritionist, Caroline believes food is powerful medicine. On a mission to inspire others to adopt a healthy and sustainable life, she shares simple, nourishing plant-based recipes (that are totally IG-friendly). Feeling hungry? Hop to her blog and get cooking!

15. Meg Haywood Sullivan

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A photographer and environmentalist, Meg Sullivan splits her time between shooting for environmentally-minded companies like Patagonia, prAna, and advocating for climate change awareness. Her Instagram is all inspirational, all sustainable, with some dreamy travel inspo mixed in between.

16. The Girl Gone Green

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Setting out to inspire and educate women on how to be their best selves, Manuela vlogs about her zero waste journey including tips on decluttering, going zero waste in college, eco-friendly projects, and more! Oh, she also makes art out of trash, including an amaazing Met Gala-worthy dress made out of packing paper!

17. Going Zero Waste

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After a close brush with breast cancer, Kathryn Kellogg realized that there was very little regulation for the beauty and cleaning products we all use. That’s why she started her zero waste journey where she explores conscious and sustainable alternatives that help others to improve their health without harming the earth or themselves.

18. Shannon Buckley

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Exploring ethical clothing as a “not-quite-plus-size” person, Shannon Buckley’s IG grid showcases inclusive eco-friendly brands and plenty of style tips to up your sustainable game. If the cute outfits and minimal aesthetics weren’t enough, there’s plenty of cute cat pics too!

19. The Constant Closet

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Want to start a curated closet, but not sure where to start? Check out Brianna’s Instagram for plenty of style inspo that would send any minimalist over the moon! You’ll find unfussy outfits that don’t scrimp on style or eco-friendly vibes, as well as conscious product reviews to help you on your sustainable journey.

20. Clothed in Abundance

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Writer, speaker, and sustainable extraordinaire, Deb knows that minimalism, mental health, and money strategies and inextricably tied. That’s why she’s all about positive thinking. She has a super useful guide to mindful shopping on a budget, decluttering your mind (and home), and more ways to live life for yourself!

21. Conscious Chatter

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What we wear matters and how we talk about it matters too! Conscious Chatter is a podcast hosted by Kestrel Jenkins. Featuring a rota of eco influencers, sustainable brand highlights, fashion disruptors, this podcast sparks tough conversations about the garment industry, what it means to have a sustainable closet, and the questions we should be asking when buying clothes. Tune in for major teaching moments and positive vibes.

Did we forget any of your favorites? Let us know right away in the comments below!