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20 Petite Fashion Bloggers You NEED To Follow

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Any woman who’s shopped will agree that the clothing industry has a problem with sizing, especially if you’re petite, tall, or plus. Following bloggers is the best way to get fashion tips tailored to your specific body type and these 20 petite bloggers give expert advice for those of us on the shorter side! Read on for our faves and why you should add them to your follow list.

1. Hannah Dtrick

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Southern gal Hannah Dtrick blogs about everything from lifestyle and food to health and wellness. Her shopping guides and travel tips are great for the next vacation you book or the next holiday you need to go gift shopping for!

2. Consciously Chloe

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We love to see bloggers who are conscious about the choices that they’re making, and that’s exactly what eco-blogger Consciously Chloe is all about. Not only is she an avid thrifter, but she’s also actively living a sustainable lifestyle. She offers great, beginner-friendly tips to living an eco-friendly life, such as how to start composting and what super useful, reusable items can replace everyday household stuff!

3. About the Outfits

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NYC-based Laura Bonner is both a loving mother and a stylish fashionista. She’s combined these two passions in her blog, About the Outfits. For petite style mavens who aren’t afraid of making big statements, you’ll love Laura’s feed, which features bold prints and large accessories.

4. Annie Papi

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On-the-go fashionista mamas will love California girl, Annie Papi’s stylish looks. From taking the kids out for ice cream and going to Disneyland, to going on shopping sprees and everyday errands, Annie offers the CUTEST petite-friendly outfit inspo for any occasion.

5. Lipgloss and Labels

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Only 5’1’’, petite blogger Alissa shares her secret to petite styling through collages of different outfits on her Instagram, all of which are so easy to shop. She writes about her life as a mama to one cute boy, her latest style obsessions, and more!

6. As Told By Mama

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Mommy blogger Rachael Burow is the perfect example of bohemian style done right. From printed dresses to flowy tops, she shares her fashion through a very natural aesthetic. Not only does she talk about her style, she also shares skin and bath products that are all-natural and organic.

7. A Byers Guide

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Courtney not only talks about travel and lifestyle, but fashion is also a huge part of her life. She shares her best thrifty living tips including shopping and styling on a budget. Her feed is all about vibrant colors and cute outfits!

8. Alina and Rose

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Senni Alina and Olivia Rose are a fashion blogger and style duo who offer a look that’s very sleek and trendy. If you love animal print and edgy outfits, you’ll definitely want to follow this dynamite duo!

9. Taylor Dini

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This soon-to-be mom blogs about beauty and fashion. From edgy streetwear to items with floral prints, she loves exploring her style and is a great source for your next outfit inspiration! If you’re looking for more than just style advice, she also offers lifestyle tips such as pieces on home decorating, as well as yummy recipes!

10. Miss Minus Sized

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When Sushmitha isn’t living her best life as a neuroscientist, she’s blogging about fashion, lifestyle, and travel! She has outfit guides and talks about her travels all around California. You’ll love her fun and flirty fashion, consisting of printed dresses and bright colors.

11. Kimberly Hsieh

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Based in Seattle, Kimberly Hsieh sports casual outfits perfect for everyday inspiration. She knows how to dress up (or dress down) any dress or skirt look.

12. Modern Day Areanna

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Areanna Polter is a fashion and mommy blogger who writes about styling and shopping with a budget in mind. She has multiple useful guides on her website and Instagram for how to style different outfits and finding affordable fashion.

13. Lauren Johnson

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This blogger loves her florals, and it shows in all of her clothes and DIY projects! On her YouTube channel, you’ll find ideas for super-creative craft projects and outfit inspiration. You can also explore her Etsy page, Bouquet Clothing, for vintage clothing and accessories!

14. Jade of Trades

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On a mission to empower through education, Jade shares her passion for sustainability through inspirational posts and equally cute (and sustainable) outfits! She loves fashion, beauty, and interior design, so if you’re looking to up your style, beauty, or home game, Jade is your girl!

15. Threads of Tay

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Taylor’s store, Thread of Tay, lets fellow petite fashionistas shop her closet. It’s a great way to promote shopping second! She has an edgy style that incorporates graphic tees and sweatshirts.

16. The Alice Diary

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On her blog, The Alice Diary, Alices writes about her quest to slow down fast fashion. If you love capsule closets and neutral tones, you’ll be obsessed with Alice’s neutral-colored closet. For those looking for eco-friendly product recommendations, she also provides product reviews on her blog, like her piece on the best items to buy from The Body Shop.

17. Amanda Condrat

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As a mom of two adorable little girls, Amanda of @savedbylittles is committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find helpful guides for healthy eating, as well as mama-approved tips for having it all. She also shows off her casual style through photos of her and her daughters.

18. Simply Savage Blog

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This fashion blogger makes finding sales easier than ever. She has a page on her site about what sales are going on right now, and she also features her favorite finds when shopping. It isn’t only clothes for her either. Look out for posts about home decor on her blog too!

19. Gaonou Lo

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As a grad student, Gaonou styles a lot of business casual looks. Shoppers with champagne tastes and a beer budget will also love how she incorporates luxe accessories into her outfits without breaking the bank.

20. Jess With Less

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Jess loves minimalistic fashion. Her wardrobe consists of mainly secondhand clothing which makes her a great blogger to follow if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. She also loves high-waisted bottoms and provides styling tips on how to incorporate petite-friendly high-waisted items into any outfit.

Have any other bloggers you absolutely love? Comment your faves below!