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Top 5 Closet Heroes that Won’t Break the Bank

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While fashion trends come and go, your wardrobe staples are the pieces you love on and live in. When you need to put together a quick and classic outfit, you turn to your closet heroes to sartorially save the day. Having these staples in your wardrobe makes it beyond simple and easy to make ready-in-five outfits in the morning. And less time getting dressed means fewer mornings feeling stressed. Build your foundation with these 5 must-own items below and don’t forget to refresh them each season. Secondhand, of course!

Black Pants

Black trousers or dress pants are the best multitaskers. If you’re running late in the morning and need a quick outfit, you can grab nearly any shirt out of your closet and it will match perfectly with a pair of black dress pants. If you ever find yourself invited to an event and you’re not sure what the dress code is, black dress pants will always fit in.

Dark Jeans

If there’s one wash you absolutely need, it’s a dark wash. First, no matter what your silhouette, a dark wash has a slimming effect. Second, while certain shades of blue will go in and out of style, dark washes are always popular. Finally, dark jeans are the best for dressing up or down with ease. Just add heels for a night out, or trainers for a weekend brunch.

White T-Shirt

The classic white T-shirt is a must in every wardrobe. We bet you own at least 10. We do! Layer a simple white tee under a sweater, wear it alone with a pair of jeans, or dress it up and tuck it into a midi skirt. Which neckline is best? A crew neck never goes out of style, but V-neck’s are great for adding interest or layering underneath a chic cardigan.

Black Pumps

Choosing a statement shoe in a bold color really adds a pop to an outfit, but the one pair of shoes you absolutely need to own is a pair of classic black pumps. Channel your inner boss lady at work and try them with a blouse and skirt or wear them with skinny jeans and a dressy top for date night. If you find yourself with a fancy event invitation and you spaced on shoes go with your new dress, chances are good your black pumps will be perfect.


Camisoles are lightweight tank tops that come in a variety of lengths and colors. While you can wear a camisole alone, they’re also perfect for layering. You can wear one under a cardigan for a timeless look, or put one under a blouse or low-cut top to prevent any clothing mishaps. For this affordable wardrobe essential, consider sticking with a neutral color like black, white, or beige.

Tell us in the comments section what your closet heroes are!