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thredUP Ambassadors Spill Their Top Sustainable Tips For The New Year

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We’ve crossed the threshold and made it to yet another year (see you never 2020). As thrifting queens it’s important that we raise the eco-friendly bar every year by furthering the easy as pie ways in which we do right by our true throne, planet earth. If you’re in need of some inspiration when it comes to that area, hold on to your hats! We’ve asked three of thredUP’s very own ambassadors to dish on their best sustainable living tips for the new year. Read on to see what products Amanda, Chante and Gerri are loving, how they are boosting their sustainability in 2021 and more! Seriously, so easy you’ll want to add these to your routine ASAP. 


Meet Amanda Smith, a super stylish eco-creative in LA, check her out for picture-perfect outfit inspo and sustainable blog content!


Do you have a sustainable morning routine/night routine? 

I try to live sustainably with everything I do. My morning routine usually consists of me hitting snooze a few times! After that, I love to take care of myself through skincare and everyday hygiene. I love using Youth To The People + Derma E skincare products as they are sustainably made and great for my sensitive, dry skin! I use a bamboo toothbrush and eco-friendly toothpaste every morning, and I finish it off by drinking as much water as possible! The same thing goes for the night although on occasion I do enjoy a glass of wine. Recently I’ve been loving Obvious Wines as they are vegan and sustainably made.

Share your best sustainable living tip.

Honestly my best tip is, less is more. Use what you have. Love what you already own. Shop secondhand as much as possible, and constantly keep learning!

In what ways are you trying to be more sustainable this year than you were last year?

This year has been interesting, to say the least, and due to sanitary concerns, I have had to lay low on certain sustainable practices like no plastic to-go tupperware for take-out or bringing my own coffee cup to a local coffee shop. So I just can’t wait for the day when I can implement those practices again. I’d love to learn even more ways to off-set my carbon footprint when traveling. I’d also love to cut back overall on any unnecessary spending. Being in quarantine has been rough and with TikTok and Instagram telling me what to buy at every second of the day, I’d love to consume less and give back to my community more.

Share your favorite sustainable product. 

For beauty, I love anything Youth To The People. They are soooo conscious of their footprint and it’s easy to learn about their production and manufacturing. For the home, my favorite items are DIY cleaning solutions I find on TikTok. Saves me so much money, oftentimes uses a lot fewer ingredients and harsh chemicals, and is safe for the environment. When I don’t DIY something, I love shopping for an eco-cleaning brand like Seventh Generation, or Grove. For fashion, I enjoy online thrifting, like thredUP. It’s safer, has eco-friendly shipping options (Bundling!) that reduces carbon, and it’s easier to find what I’m looking for.

Do you follow anyone who is #ecofriendlygoals?

Ah! So many! I surround myself with people who have a like-minded ethos. My dear friend Michelle, @ch.e is an inspiration along with, @jennadeezio, and @daisyjonelle


Next up is Chante Williams, a style blogger from Tulsa who is using her sustainable journey to teach women how to turn their closets into cash. Check out her account for some awesome lifestyle and sustainability advice.


Do you have any 2021 resolutions?
As of today I don’t have any resolutions, I tend to get anxious if I commit in this way. I am rather focusing on being more open and mindful with what each day brings my way.

What’s your sustainable morning routine/night routine? 

So I recently swapped traditional cotton balls for bamboo cotton rounds. I use them day and night when I wash my face, to apply toner, or to remove makeup.

Share your best sustainable living tip.

Use what you have, elevate what you’ve already consumed, and find a new use for it!

In what ways are you trying to be more sustainable this year than you were last year?

By consuming less! Lots of times I do things because I’m impulsive, but I’ve noticed what good habits look like nowadays, haha.

Share your favorite sustainable product. 

Ou this is so tough, do I have to pick just one?? Hmmm right now Boyish Denim because I am president and CEO of the I Love Denim Club. It’s so hard to find a flattering pair but these jeans are everything! I own a couple now and they fit how I expect they should!


And last but not least, meet Gerri Zhang who loves thrifting and eco-friendly living just as much as we do. Check out her account for super chic fashion inspo!


Do you have any 2021 resolutions? 

My 2021 resolutions are to completely stop buying clothes from non-sustainable brands, to sleep earlier, and to read more books.

Do you have a sustainable morning routine/night routine? 

For my morning and night skincare routine I try to use products that are vegan and cruelty free. My go to brands are Youth to the People and The Ordinary.

Share your best sustainable living tip.

Buying clothes, furniture, and household items secondhand. So many people over-buy things they don’t need and end up having to sell them later on. Save money and the planet by purchasing as many durable goods secondhand as possible!

In what ways are you trying to be more sustainable this year than you were last year?

This year I am more conscious about recycling and my electricity usage. I am also replacing a lot of my normal shopping habits with thrifting or buying from sustainable brands.

Anyone you follow who is #ecofriendlygoals?

Some of my favorite eco friendly influencers are @rachelraisin, @threadsforapenny, @thrifted_bylaura

Got some tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.