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Tracking Your Bag in our Processing Queue – a couple changes we think will help

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Dear customers,

I’m writing with some important information about the recent delays in processing thredUP bags. thredUP has been growing so fast the last few months that, unfortunately, it’s taking far too long to process bags. To be honest, we just weren’t prepared for the enormous interest in our Clean Out service and the logistical challenges involved with keeping our process tight and efficient.  As we’ve tried to add more detail to each item listing, this has slowed down our overall processing time – a tradeoff we believe is right in the long-term but has been painful for many of you in the short-term. We realize this has created long wait times and we have not communicated to you the status of your bags in a timely matter.

 With that in mind, we are going to make the following changes to better communicate to you:

 1)   We’ve updated the My Bags page in your thredUP account to tell you exactly when we expect to process your bag. If you have any questions about the timing, you should check there first.

My Bags

2)   We’re also going to send you a regular email every 7-10 days letting you know the status of your bag and where it is in the processing queue.


We’re working hard to catch up on our bags and have hired more than 100 people in the last 6 months. We’re creating new jobs and hiring more people everyday. While we’ve managed to normalize our processing so that we can inspect the same amount of bags each day, we still have a large backlog to get through (now running roughly 30 days from the date a bag is received).

We are continuing to develop capacity to avoid this in the future, but at this point I just wanted to be transparent with you.  The good news is that thredUP is thriving on just about every other dimension – more high-quality items at better prices than ever before – and we are working hard to deliver an experience to you that we hope will become part of your life for many years to come.


 James Reinhart