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We all have traditions.  Even those of us who don’t consider ourselves to be “traditional” people, have certain special rituals and activities we share with our families and friends year after year.  It’s comforting to know we can count on certain things being the same as the years pass by, no matter how crazy life gets.  Plus, traditions are a great way to build special memories that last a lifetime.  And I think everyone would agree that nothing says “tradition” more than the holiday season!  Being that my grandparents were born in Denmark, for my family it has always been a Danish Christmas Eve.  Complete with a dinner of risengrød (a rice pudding that in early days, was meant to fill you up when there may not have been enough food to go around), roast goose, prunes and apples, red cabbage and “damn potatoes” (small white potatoes caramelized in butter and sugar that are an absolute pain to make!), we all hold hands and sing carols around a Christmas tree decorated with lit candles.  Sounds a bit corny, but it’s a lot of fun!

I’ve always loved to hear how others spend their holidays too so I thought it would be fun to check in with the rest of the thredUP team to see what traditions they celebrate with their families!  Here are just a few:

“We don’t wait to open gifts until Christmas morning.  We open them at midnight of the 24th! It’s tradition in my family to have a late dinner (and party) on the 24th and stay up until midnight to open gifts. If we were visiting my family in Nicaragua, we would do the same thing PLUS fireworks at midnight!!!” – Natalie Moreno, thredUP Marketing Associate

“We always drink Manhattans on Christmas eve.” – James Reinhart, thredUP CEO

“My family eats clam chowder and drinks lots of wine on Christmas Eve.” – Lauren Hesse, thredUP Email Marketing Manager

“Nathan’s family has been making swedish tea rings every holiday season for the last 20 years. It’s a delicious tradition that I’m very happily inheriting!” Lauren Miller, thredUP Director of Marketing

“My family does a gift exchange. Every year it has to start with a different letter of the alphabet–this year is J. (Don’t tell my family, but I bought a life size Justin Bieber cardboard cutout. I’m sure it will be a hit!) One of my favorite gifts that I bought for it was the year we were on letter G. I bought a GIANT green gummy bear. It was 5lbs!” – Jenny Thompson, thredUP Office Manager

“Since I was a child, my dad and I have always put black olives on our fingers at the beginning of dinner to make my grandma squeal! We still do it to this day. Acting like a kid never gets old!” – Angelica Dunn, thredUP Product Associate

“As a military family, we’re often in very different places each Christmas. One of our favorite wedding gifts was a Christmas Book, in which we put the year’s holiday picture, where we were and whom we were with so we can keep track!  Every year we read the whole book together as a family to relive some of our more colorful adventures :)” – Sara Gibb, thredUP Program Designer

So what are your family’s special traditions?