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Try The Trend: First-Day-Back Outfits

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We’ve noticed a trend among bloggers we love — first-day-back outfits. Picking out what you wear for the first day of school is a time-honored tradition for anyone who cares about clothes. It varies parent to parent, some parents choose their child’s look for them (this can really vary child to child), others let their kid pick 100% of their outfit. It can also be a collaborative experience. No matter how you do it, picking out the First Day Back outfit lends piece of mind — it’s one thing about the first day that you can be sure about. Take this tradition a step forward by having your kiddo hold a cute sign that reads, “First Day Of Third Grade” (or whichever grade!) and then snapping a pic to keep forever.

We were discussing this trend with our summer interns here at thredUP, who are all in college, and they told us they this still pick First-Day-Back outfits for their first day of classes of each new semester. We got Colleen and Charlotte to share with us what they’ll be wearing and why.

Still looking for that First-Day-Back look? Check out our First Day Outfits edit for super-cute items to help you and your kiddo put together an outfit he or she can feel great in.


Charlotte [right] is a junior at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and is studying Communication and Information Technology. She’s shamelessly obsessed with One Direction, loves anything related to the Apollo Space Program, and is a connoisseur of the perfect bagel (shout-out to the Rosemary Salt bagel from CTB in Ithaca).

Describe your style: My style is classic and preppy. Since moving to the East Coast, I’ve come to adore Vineyard Vine’s shep shirts, and anything Lilly Pulitzer. I love a classic button-down, paired with jeans, and Sperry’s. It’s important for me to look put together while maintaining maximum comfort.

Tell us about your first-day-back outfit: My outfit is pretty simple. I’ve paired a simple white, cotton blouse with little lace details with my favorite Gap jeans. I finished the look with cute brown flats from J. Crew. It’s comfortable and great for the late summer heat!

What’s important to keep in mind when selecting your outfit for the first day back to class? In college it’s important to look good without dressing over the top. My outfit is not only extremely comfortable—something that really matters when you’re spending all day on campus—but it’s also very versatile. Also, with Cornell’s slope (which is more like a hill) it’s really important to make sure your shoes are comfortable. Make sure you chose comfortable flats, or ditch them in favor of a classic like Converse!

What are some other ways you’ll wear these pieces during the semester? I would pair this outfit with a military jacket for class. For nighttime, I would add some sandals and a statement necklace. I’ve also paired this blouse with skirts and slacks for a more professional look I can wear to work, Pi Phi sorority recruitment events (wooh!), and for presentations! It’s a wardrobe staple.

Colleen [left] is a Duke University student majoring in Economics with a concentration in Markets and Management Studies. She loves reading autobiographies by female comedians and can usually be found at the gym or grocery shopping. Colleen has enjoyed living and working in the Bay Area as a thredUP marketing intern and is excited to return to North Carolina to commence her final year of college.

Describe Your Style: My style is feminine and easy, but comfort is key. I wear a lot of bright floral dresses and patterned pieces during the summer months. As the weather gets cooler, I gravitate more towards darker colors and less towards patterns or prints.

Tell us about your first-day-back outfit: I will definitely be rocking a dress my first day back at school. They’re fun and they make you look like you spent more time on your appearance than you actually did. I usually don’t wear heels, but these booties I got from thredUP are cute and comfortable, so I’m excited to rock them back at Duke.

What’s important to keep in mind when selecting your outfit for the first day back to class? For my first day of class, I want to look put together while staying cool, especially since North Carolina has hot and humid summers. I love getting a little dressed up on my first day of class because it’s a great way to start the school year off on a good note.

What are some other ways you’ll wear these pieces during the semester? If I wear this dress into the evening when I go to dinner with friends or to see a movie, I might throw on a neutral cardigan over it. Cardigans are great transition pieces for taking your look from day to night, and they work for cooler or warmer nights. I’m definitely going to be wearing my booties into the fall with black skinny jeans and sweaters, and I think they’re such a great staple in my closet for every season.

Learn more about our interns and what it’s like to work at thredUP. Check out this video (we filmed it at our Distribution Center in San Leandro, CA)!