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#UPclose: Clean Out For Good

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This is our third post in a new series we’re calling #UPclose—where we take you behind the scenes to meet our staff, show you cool things we’re working on, and give you a sneak peek into what’s nextTogether, we’re inspiring a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first.

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Simple. Smart. Good. Are you ready to join the decluttering movement, make some room in your closet, and do some good in the process? We’re here to help! Check out our newly redesigned Clean Out with thredUP section, and we’ll show you how to put a little extra cash in your pocket, donate your earnings to a good cause, simplify your life, and help the environment. Here, we sat down with our Marketing Manager and style blogger Jessi to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about selling your stuff. (Plus, some other fun facts!)

What are the environmental benefits to cleaning out?
Everything thredUP receives is either re-sold to other families, or recycled responsibly. So the clothing you’re no longer wearing doesn’t wind up in landfills.

What are the financial benefits to cleaning out? 
We help families put cash back in their pockets, or they can donate their earnings to causes and charities in their communities such as Feeding America.

Are there any new options for donating your Clean Out Bag earnings?  
Over the next few months, we’ll be piloting a new program called thredUP for Schools, where you have the option to donate 100% of your Clean Out Bag earnings to a K-12 school of your choice.

What types of items do you accept?
On-trend, quality clothing, shoes and accessories that are in great condition. Basically the things you’d pass on to your best friends and family.

Any decluttering secrets?
Have nothing in your home that isn’t either useful or beautiful.

What makes thredUP the best place to sell your stuff?
It’s so easy! I used to sell items myself online, and it was such a hassle. I had to deal with shipping, the inconvenience, shady buyers, etc. Now I just toss everything into a polka dot bag and send it in. thredUP does all the work and I don’t have to think about it.

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Describe your style: I’ve always been a minimalist, and thankfully minimalism is trending right now so I feel like I can fully embrace it. I’m a lover of simple shift dresses, white button-downs, tailored jeans, and slightly oversized sweaters. Since SF weather is always on the cool side, I can get away with wearing black ankle boots with just about everything.

Favorite thing about your job:
The people. I’m surrounded by people who are incredibly smart, ambitious, opinionated, and really, really fun. At least once a week at work, I find myself laughing until I have tears in my eyes.

Your most frequented personal shop on thredUP:
I have a sort of my favorite brands, filtered to my size. It’s like shopping in a boutique designed especially for me.

Favorite thredUP find:
My Rachel Comey ankle boots. I wear them incessantly, they’re simple and perfect and they go with everything.

What’s on your summer wish list:
A striped button-down in blue and white. Preferably by