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Vacation Style: How To Pack & Plan Like A Pro

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Picture this: Your summer vacation is coming up in just two weeks. Thankfully, your meticulous research, budgeting, and booking is months behind you. (THAT was enough work to make you need a vacation!) The kids will skip day camp for a few weeks, you’ve cleared your time off with your boss and have a plan in place to complete your work projects before hitting the road. Oh, and you finally found an affordable cat sitter you trust. Win!

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What’s left? Not only packing for your trip, but deciding what to bring. Everyone wants to feel cute on vacation, but it’s also crucial that you have everything you need.

We talked to expert travelers and style experts alike to come up with this plan of action for planning your vacation outfits AND packing all that stuff like a pro. Read on and let us know if we missed any tips you’ve picked up along the way. Have a relaxing, invigorating vacation!


  1. Stick to a color palette! It’s OK if that palette is bright and tropical or subdued and netural, just try to only pack colors you’d wear together, so you can mix and match.070816_w_vacationStylesForLess_email_08
  2. Layers, layers, layers. No matter where you are going to on this green Earth of ours, you will need layers. Even if you’re going somewhere H-O-T, you may find yourself without shade or in a deeply freezing AC situation. By layers, we mean:  a long-sleeved cotton top, a lightweight cardigan, a cotton infinity scarf, a maxi tank dress, leggings. Why these items?
  • A long-sleeved, lightweight tee provides arm-coverage in a pinch but easily ties around your waist or fits in your handbag.
  • A lightweight cardigan (ideally linen) serves pretty much the same function as the tee, but it’s a little dressier.
  • A cotton infinity scarf can easily become a shawl on a cold airplane or a head-covering if the sun gets a little annoying, and you can share it with your kiddos if one of them is in need- it fits everyone!
  • Maxi dresses are the best for temperature regulation, not to mention, they’re so easy to dress down for day or up for night. Gap and Old Navy make great options.
  • Leggings are lightweight, take up only a little room in your suitcase, and can be worn under a dress or tunic, as pants, or while working out. It’s always good to pack things that can be worn multiple ways.

3. Don’t overpack. Plan one outfit for each day or occasion on your trip. Because you packed layers and stuck to a color palette, there are way more looks in your bag than you can imagine. (Think of this as a capsule-capsule-wardrobe!)

4. This one’s a little less practical, but we’re going to go for it: Pack the items you’re loving right now that you’ve been wearing again and again. You don’t want to risk it with new items or items you’re so-so about. When you get back, you might just find you have a new perspective on your closet… and want to sell the things you’re not loving.

5. Still need something for your vaca? Get it on thredUP. Why? Because we’re all about saving on clothes and spending on Mai Tais (or margs, or virgin daiquiris, or green juice…).

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  1. Roll. Don’t fold. It takes up way less space, you can see your items much better if you’re unable to unpack your bag at your destination (that way, nothing goes unnoticed and unworn). Also? Kids can roll (but we all know some are better at folding than others). In other words; kids can pack, re-pack, and unpack their own suitcases. Done. 070816_w_vacationStylesForLess_email_04
  2. Keep your clothes clean! Cover your shoes in shower caps.070816_w_vacationStylesForLess_email_06
  3. Bring a little plastic or mesh bag to stash dirty clothes in throughout your trip to get them out of the way and to make unpacking way less daunting once you’re back home.
  4. Pack in advance, start thinking and listing about a week out (depending on the length of your trip) and pack 2-5 days before you leave.

Bon voyage! Stay tuned for upcoming posts to help you make the most of summer.

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