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Wanna Be Famous?! Send Us Your Quality Photos…

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thredUP is accepting high quality photography of children, moms / women and their great clothing for the chance to be featured on the website and in emails. Send your pro-quality photography to

Why submit your photos? There is almost always a cash/credit prize associated with the photo entries we decide to use, in addition to the fun of being featured!

If you’re interested in submitting a photo of you, your children or their great clothes to thredUP, check out our photo guidelines that will increase your chances of being selected.


Lighting is Important: Best times to shoot are in the morning and in the evening when the shadows are bigger / longer. Shadows create color contrast which make for better photos. Also, make sure to shoot all photos keeping the sun towards your back!

Rule of Thirds: A rule of most professional photographers is to break up your photo into three sections, and make sure your subject (ie your child, in this case) isn’t in the center of the photo. Your subject should be one of the outer-thirds – not in the middle.

Depth Perception: Try to avoid your photo looking to “flat” by having some items close up, and some items farther back or around the edges to create the perception of depth. For example, focusing on your child with trees or branches at other levels in the photo (on the edges, at the bottom, in the back) will make the photo feel more 3 dimensional.

Don’t zoom. Trust us. Get close to your subject instead.

Shoot Several Options: It often takes a few shots to find the perfect photo. Send us all you’ve got! We don’t mind 🙂

Don’t Break the Law: Make sure you have the rights to use any photos you send us. By submitting your photos to thredUP, you are agreeing that thredUP has the rights to use those photos for marketing or advertising purchases.

Study Examples of Great Photos: Here are some examples of great photos we received from customers in the past and featured on our site… Hit us with your best shots! We can’t wait to see your photos.