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WATCH: LOLs & Resale Therapy With Scary Mommy

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Here at thredUP, we love Scary Mommy. Have you checked them out? Hilarious real-talk about motherhood abounds. It’s seriously refreshing; those mamas keep it real, and always know how to make us feel better.

Speaking of which, every mom out there hits a wall sometimes, and that’s just a fact. Kids with paint all over their bodies, shoes that don’t fit anymore – we’ve all been there. You know what helps? Resale therapy, A.K.A. online shopping from your phone, possibly while hiding in your closet sipping wine. And by possibly we mean probably. Most likely.

We partnered up with Scary Mommy to remind all those badass moms out there that life isn’t perfect, and that hiding in that closet and shopping online is OK – in fact, we encourage it. Let us know in the comments section if you now feel better about all those times you’ve hidden from your kids. (Hint: You should!) 😉