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Blazer Boss: How to Pull Any Outfit Together in an Instant

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Blazers are one of those closet heroes that always make an impact. They can literally transform a casual outfit into a polished one in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re out and about on the weekend, headed for date night or slaying at work, the blazer is a closet staple you never want to be without. Here, our resident style challenge expert Hilary shows us how it’s done.


Working in the creative industry means my wardrobe is seriously lacking in formal business attire. Most days, I’m in jeans, a simple blouse, and flats. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll wear a pair of heels. On occasion, I grow tired of my casual-leaning creative wardrobe, and I feel the urge to spice it up a bit. Enter blazers. I have them in just about every style, silhouette, and color. They’re an excellent staple addition to any wardrobe, and they instantly add a buttoned-up edge to just about any outfit.

As the seasons begin to change, bringing crisp morning and evening air, I find myself reaching for blazers more frequently– for both the style boost and the added layer of warmth they provide.

Off-Duty: Weekend Outfit

For this outfit, I paired a simple dress with one of my all-time favorite blazers. The warm mustard hue of the dress is perfectly complemented by the neutral tartan blazer. I paired it all with a classic over-the-shoulder handbag, and open-toe heeled leather booties.


On-Duty: Interview Outfit

Working in a creative environment has many perks. One of the best, in my opinion, is the flexibility available to those it employs with regard to their office wear. I love being able to wear a bold pink maxi to work, but on days when I have to interview a candidate or make a presentation, I’ll pair it with a modern classic like this camel-hued blazer. Rolling the cuffs of my blazer adds interest and texture, and I love the subtle stripe of this sleeve lining.


Fun Duty: Date Night Outfit

I’ve had this leather skirt for a while now, but I could never figure out what to wear with it. Enter blazer and pumps. Now I’m ready for date night…. and praying said date doesn’t involve lots of walking, because these shoes definitely weren’t made for any of that.

How to Shop for Secondhand Blazers

-You never go wrong with a classic blazer from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, or J.Crew. They’re great to buy secondhand because they offer similar styles and silhouettes each season with just minor updates to color, fabric, and detailing.

-Look for blazers in sturdy fabrics like wool, tweed, and cotton.

-Always check the measurements. You want enough room in the shoulders to allow full movement but not so much room that it overwhelms your shape.

-If you’re only going to own one, buy it in basic black. It’s super versatile and adds instant polish to a pair of dark jeans.

-Want to know when the latest blazers arrive from your favorite brand? Try our Saved Searches feature and get notified by email or app alert when we get them in stock.

Up for a style challenge? Tell us how you wear blazers for every occasion. We’re dying to know! In the comments, please.