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We want to buy 100% of every bag you send us. Period. Oh and we’re human.

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Every day someone emails us and asks why their payout on items was low or why we didn’t accept all the items in their bag. Once in awhile people accuse of stealing their items. Sometimes people think we’re trying to scam them and they leave terrible reviews all over the web (if you love thredUP, throw us a bone over at  Occasionally people accuse us of fraud and say absolutely terrible things about us personally or question our motivations.

I’m not sure why these few vocal people think the worst of us, or take it out on the wonderful employees we have here at thredUP, but since I hear it at least once a day and I know we all take it personally, I think it’s important for me to speak up.  We’re not satisfied where we are today, and we are working to get better in all facets of the business, but we’re not doing anything malicious on purpose and we certainly aren’t out to scam or defraud anyone.

I’m here to get some information out in public and put a face to the nameless company many of you think we are. I also hope to provide some basic business information so you understand why it makes no sense (absolutely no sense!) for us to not buy the items you send to thredUP.

So…this is thredUP.

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  • We’re the company who sends real holiday cards. That’s me on the bottom of the picture looking absolutely ridiculous and doing my best George Costanza impersonation.
  • We are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters just like you. We come to work everyday to keep building a new product and a customer experience that we’re proud of – something that’s never been done online before at the scale at which we’re operating (we’re 50-100 times larger than your local consignment store). We don’t always get it right, but we try. And we work to get better all the time. More on that below.
  • We’re professionals in the used clothing business. We’re highly trained and bring the same rigor to thredUP that any professional brings to their craft. We put our quality standards above everything else. We don’t accept items because they don’t meet our quality standards. Period. We’ve literally done this more than a million times…we know what we’re talking about. This isn’t an opinion business – the items we reject have flaws.
  • We’re the company who would love to buy EVERY SINGLE ITEM you send us. Every item we buy from you, we can sell at a great value to someone else and make some money in the process. 
    We can’t stay in business unless we keep buying items from you. There is
    absolutely zero reason why we’d try and not buy items from you – after all, we pay to create the bag ($2), ship you the bag ($1), ship the bag back ($12) and pay the wonderful team members who go through each item ($5/bag). That’s $20 per bag. If we get a bag with only a few items in it that we can resell, we actually lose a lot of money, even if we’re able to offset some of this cost by working with our network of recyclers. The more items we can resell from you, the better! I can’t emphasize this enough.
  • We’re the company innovating every day based on your feedback. Since we launched our shop more than a year ago, here are the things we’ve done to improve your supplier experience:
    1. We used to pay by the bag load, now we pay for every item; we take more item types and categories than ever before (especially now with juniors and womens)
    2. We now take photos of every item that we reject, and these photos will get better over time so you can see precisely the reasons for rejections. This means w
      e’re taking as many as 10,000 photos a day and delivering them to you in real-time.
    3. We’re rolling out our convenient Returns Assurance program so 
      ou can get every item back if you’d like – many customers have been raving about this program.
    4. Soon we will announce a plan for accepting high-value items with “Tiny Flaws” so we can accept more of your clothing with minor imperfections and make available more premium items than can be reconditioned for like-new wearing.

At the end of the day, we want all of you to love thredUP as much as we do. Every day we work hard to deliver a high-quality experience on both thebuying and selling side. Again, we’re not satisfied with where we are, but we’re getting better every day.

If we don’t accept your items it’s not because we don’t want to, it’s because we can’t resell them as the practically new clothing you’ve come to trust buying on thredUP.

Co-Founder & CEO